JJ and Day 2

Leave it to the Cardinals to take all the drama out of the first round last night. After both starting pitchers were gone before the Missouri teams were on the clock, it left a pair of potential stars available. All that remained before possible two-way drama was Kansas City and quite honestly, thank you Royals. [...]

One benefit for having more time before the Draft is the ability to consume everything available on this all-important day. The Cardinals actually did get rather lucky as the 2024 Draft isn’t considered nearly as strong overall so losing a second round pick only impacts the pool of money. As much as it would seem [...]

Can Cards Ace the Pick?

It seems each time the calendar flips, the first thing checked is how different what used to be normal has been replaced. Take the wonderful baseball schedule and everything now packed into the next three weeks. The All-Star break, trade deadline and of course, the MLB Draft are not only fast approaching but caught up [...]

I don’t write here very much anymore.  In fact, I probably haven’t put anything up here since the Top Cards on Twitter series at the end of December.  However, I’ve been thinking about putting up a guide to Cardinals podcasts and I was afraid it would be too unwieldy for my Substack.  (Which, hey, if [...]

Last offseason, it was reported and discussed — to an extent — that Nolan Arenado was seeking to get more opposite field authority in his swing. I don’t want this to sound anecdotal or as if I’m making it up. I’ve struggled to find anything more than it being mentioned in passing, but it has [...]

We finished up the actual list earlier this afternoon, with Katie Woo taking her rightful place besides cardinalsgifs in the Twitter Hall of Fame.  However, I usually do a few extra sorts as sort of an epilogue to the main event, so let’s take a look at those now. First up, we have how many [...]

Top Cards on Twitter 2023: 1-5

Here we are at the top of the heap.  The pinnacle of the mountain.  The accounts to which all others aspire.  You’ll know the names (though one account might surprise you) and you are probably already following them.  Plus we answer the question: do we have a new member of the Twitter Hall of Fame? [...]

Just 10 more accounts to go!  None of the names should surprise you but perhaps the order will.  Allons-y! Number 10: miklasz Proudly serving STL sports fans as a weekday host (3-6 pm) for 590 KFNS and columnist for ScoopsWithDannyMac.com On Twitter since: February 2009 Number of Tweets: 42.6K Following: 1,576 Followers: 141,993 Total points: [...]

Our last post of the day is an eclectic mix of accounts, including a newcomer to the ranks.  Let’s just dive in and see what we have! Number 15: memphisredbirds The proud Triple-A affiliate of the @Cardinals. On Twitter since: March 2009 Number of Tweets: 41.2K Following: 591 Followers: 69,034 Total points: 1,060 Average: 8.143 [...]

We’re getting into some rarified air here and, spoiler alert, we’ve got some new accounts in the mix this year.  Let’s see who is at the bottom of the Top 20! Number 20: hochman Sports columnist for hometown paper, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (@stltoday). Author of 4 books, including 11 IN ‘11 (about 2011 #STLCards). Host [...]

The last two days we’ve done a speed run through about 200 Twitter accounts.  For the last 25, our approach is to take a little more of a look and give these folks the attention they deserve.  You’ll see their Twitter bio, a pinned or recent Tweet, and then data both on their accounts and [...]

Here we go with the last bulk post.  These are the folks that just missed getting into the Top 25.  Many of them have been in that august company before and likely will be again in the future, assuming we do this in the future.  That’s for later though.  Let’s get to the right now! [...]

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