Top Cards on Twitter 2022: Wrapup

This morning, we finished up going through the list of the best Twitter accounts, culminating with Katie Woo for the second straight year.  That’s really all anyone cares about, but we typically take a look at the Top 10 if you shuffled the data a little bit.

For instance, there’s the “how many people cared to vote for a person” way of looking at things.  We had 219 ballots, all of which voted for at least one person.  So who got the most?

Handle # Ballots
cardinalsgifs 196
dgoold 193
katiejwoo 192
DannyMacTV 189
bschaeffer12 162
C70 161
kyler416 152
Ben_Fred 151
Cardinals 149
AugieNash 145
QuinnSTLCards 145

Not much change there, but you wouldn’t expect there to be.  If you are on a lot of ballots, you are probably way up there in points as well.  There was a significant dropoff from Dan McLaughlin to Brenden Schaeffer, but that’s about the only notable thing there.

What should shuffle things a bit is average score.  Let’s limit it to people that received 75 votes.  Who wound up with the highest average?

Handle Average
cardinalsgifs 9.607
katiejwoo 9.349
kyler416 9.033
TheCatOnBallyTV 8.984
DannyMacTV 8.937
dgoold 8.850
VanHicklestein 8.786
C70 8.758
StewStilez 8.610
AugieNash 8.538

That makes a bit of a difference.  Stew jumps into the top 10 and I told you in the post yesterday the Cat would make a move.  On the flip side, Schaeffer is in the top 5 in points but not on this list.  (He came in 11th.)

One last shuffle.  What about the people who got the most perfect 10s out of their votes?  Does that show any differences?

Handle % of 10s
cardinalsgifs 81.63%
katiejwoo 67.71%
kyler416 61.18%
dgoold 58.85%
TheCatOnBallyTV 57.72%
DannyMacTV 53.44%
C70 47.20%
AugieNash 46.90%
VanHicklestein 46.56%
triveratops 45.05%

Not too much difference from the second table, just a few this mixed around.  Plus Tito joins the group, which means I’ll never hear the end of it.  All in all, though, we love gifs and Katie no matter how you slice it!

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