Top Cards on Twitter 2021: Wrap-Up

So this morning we finished up looking at the rankings of the best Twitter accounts by the number of points they received in the voting, which gave Katie Woo the overall title in her first year of competition.  However, as per tradition, reportedly there are multiple ways to skin felines.  Let’s look at the data in a couple of other ways.

There’s the ever popular “who showed up on the most ballots” method.  Out of 193 that were cast, these people showed up the most:

Handle # Ballots
cardinalsgifs 164
katiejwoo 157
dgoold 150
DannyMacTV 149
buffa82 142
C70 139
bschaeffer12 138
kyler416 134
Ben_Fred 128
Cardinals 127

Gotta say, I’m surprised that there was such a gap between Katie and Derrick.  Even if you aren’t a fan, I figure you know DG enough to have an opinion on him.  As we mentioned in the writeups, Dan slides up the list when you look at it in this way but overall, it’s pretty close to the final results.

What happens if you look at the average score, though?  To keep this from being dominated by people on just a couple of ballots, we’ll set the minimum at 50.  Let’s see how that looks.

Handle Average
cardinalsgifs 9.512
katiejwoo 9.242
TheCatOnBallyTV 8.955
kyler416 8.881
dgoold 8.653
DannyMacTV 8.651
C70 8.640
bschaeffer12 8.435
Cardinals 8.260
memphisredbirds 8.258

That’s a little more shuffled.  Jim Hayes flies all the way up to third and the Memphis Redbirds account moves into the top 10, while Goold and Danny Mac (while still having fine scores) slip down a bit.

Finally, let’s see who got the highest percentage of 10s, the best possible score, to their total votes.  We’ll keep the minimum ballots at 50 for this one to keep it more accurate.

Handle % of 10s
cardinalsgifs 84.15%
kyler416 67.16%
katiejwoo 65.61%
TheCatOnBallyTV 61.80%
dgoold 54.00%
Cardinals 50.39%
DannyMacTV 49.66%
VanHicklestein 48.48%
C70 46.04%
StewStilez 42.86%

That gives us quite the jumble.  VHS and Stew move way on up while a Top 10 account like Ben_Fred is nowhere to be found.  But, as always, it’s gifs world and we’re all living in it.

That should do it for 2021, right before the calendar flips over and we start the whole thing again.  We’ll be back in October to start the next year of voting for the Top Cards on Twitter!

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