Top Cards on Twitter 2021: 6-10

We are now into the “best of the best” territory,  We’ve covered a lot of names but now only 10 (kinda) remain.  So let’s keep counting them down!

Number 10: zachsilver
St. Louis Cardinals beat reporter for @MLB dot com || @cornellsun born and bred || to many typos two care

On Twitter since: November 2015
Number of Tweets: 11.8K
Following: 720
Followers: 10,763

Total points: 956
Average: 8.034
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 29.41%
% that were 1: 2.52%
Ranking history: None

Mr. Silver came into our lives early this year, taking over the beat when Anne Rogers moved across state.  Right now, he’s dealing with the whole lockout thing, with much of his player-focused work no longer available and little besides prospects and history to write about right now.  In between, he was a great addition to the media crew and fit in quite well with Cardinals Twitter and the fan base.  Hopefully his second year is a little more normal than his first!

Number 9: QuinnSTLCards
@Diamond_Digest writer. I made Mike Trout laugh one time. Adam Wainwright has more Cy Young shares than Nolan Ryan. Yadi has more fWAR than Vladimir Guerrero.

On Twitter since: March 2018
Number of Tweets: 56.6K
Following: 2,136
Followers: 4,276

Total points: 963
Average: 8.025
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 37.50%
% that were 1: 2.50%
Ranking history: 128 (2018), 37 (2019), 35 (2020)

You can’t talk about Quinn and 2021 and not mention the flowers.  His floral missive to John Mozeliak after the Nolan Arenado trade became a story that showed up everywhere for a day.  Quinn’s more than just bet fulfillment and well-timed gestures, though.  He’s a witty follow who focuses on the Cardinals but isn’t limited by them.  His jump up the ranks this year might have been a surprise, but it’s not undeserved.

Number 8: Ben_Fred
Sports Columnist at St. Louis Post-Dispatch and @stltoday. Radio talker at @550KTRS. Instagram: benfredpd. Living one word to the next, one line at a time.

On Twitter since: January 2009
Number of Tweets: 58.8K
Following: 2,059
Followers: 31,544

Total points: 1,033
Average: 8.070
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 28.13%
% that were 1: 1.56%
Ranking history: 50 (2016), 17 (2017), 15 (2018), 9 (2019), 9 (2020)

If you are a columnist with the Post-Dispatch, you are going to be pretty high on this list.  Ben Fred’s a name that everyone knows and most everyone reads.  Obviously, being a columnist, he’s tracking all sorts of things, not just the Cardinals, but you’ll get a lot on them during the season.  He doesn’t hold back on his thoughts, popular or not.

Number 7: buffa82
Writer for @STLJewishLight & @ksdknews | @FOX2now & @971FMTalk contributor | Smashed burger fan, family man | @RottenTomatoes certified film critic.

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 195.4K
Following: 6,506
Followers: 14,574

Total points: 1,039
Average: 7.317
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 26.76%
% that were 1: 5.63%
Ranking history: 7 (2015), 8 (2016), 20 (2017), 11 (2018), 21 (2019), 5 (2020)

Dan sells “Dan Buffa Sucks” shirts so he gets his polarization, as I believe I termed it a few years ago.  That seems to have eased now as there were a few others in the top 25 that had a higher percentage of 1 vote than Buffa.  The haters come with a fan base as well, though, as Dan was fifth in number of ballots.  Plenty of movie and TV talk from the critic, of course, and he’ll hit all the St. Louis sports as well.  Quite the variety on the feed!

Number 6: Cardinals
Official account of the 11-time World Series Champions | #STLCards Contest Rules:

On Twitter since: July 2009
Number of Tweets: 71.7K
Following: 916
Followers: 1,282,665

Total points: 1,049
Average: 8.260
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 50.39%
% that were 1: 3.94%
Ranking history: 8 (2015), 6 (2016), 25 (2017), 12 (2018), 11 (2019), 14 (2020)

The official account has come a long way.  It’s still not necessarily a top-tier account like @Rockies but it’s more than just bland promotions and game details.  There’s some fun on the feed.  That said, most folks are following it for official news and highlights and it provides those in spades.

The top of the Top Cards on Twitter will be released tomorrow morning!  Come back to count them down!

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