Top Cards on Twitter 2021: 11-15

If we were climbing a mountain, the air would be getting a little thin by this point.  Of course, there would be no “we” in mountain climbing as I would have been left for dead somewhere around number 98.  Metaphors, amirite?  Anyway, let’s keep going.

Number 15: jmjones
#stlcards beat and features for @BellevilleNewsD. Bylines:, AP. @officialBBWAA member. He/him.

On Twitter since: March 2008
Number of Tweets: 65K
Following: 1,306
Followers: 10,195

Total points: 816
Average: 7.158
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 27.19%
% that were 1: 8.77%
Ranking history: 122 (2018), 28 (2019), 29 (2020)

It’s a little surprising to me that this is Jeff’s first time inside the Top 25.  He’s been on the beat for a while now, writing at a couple of places before settling in at the Belleville News-Democrat.  You don’t want to follow Jeff too closely if you have any sort of delay in a close game and don’t want spoilers, because his Tweet game is cutting edge.  Not sure how it happens but he routinely beats people to getting out game news or press conference quotes.  Jeff will be on Meet Me at Musial here in a week or so in his normal slot kicking off our new season.

Number 14: miklasz
Proudly serving STL sports fans as a weekday host (3-6 pm) for 590 KFNS and columnist for Dan McLaughlin’s fast-growing

On Twitter since: February 2009
Number of Tweets: 41.2K
Following: 1,516
Followers: 138,878

Total points: 894
Average: 7.842
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 32.46%
% that were 1: 4.39%
Ranking history: 10 (2015), 15 (2016), 5 (2017), 16 (2018), 18 (2019), 11 (2020)

Bernie’s a legend in St. Louis, of course, and there’s not much I need to say here because you probably know more about him than I do.  The pandemic led to him switching radio stations but even more notably, he’s churning out at least one and probably more like three posts a day for Dan McLaughlin’s site.  You can argue if he’s still up to the lofty standards he set early in his career but there’s no doubt his voice still makes an impact.

Number 13: tarawellman
TV host & producer. Baseball lover. Cupcake connoisseur. Just assume it’s sarcasm. #BirdSeeds • Contributor at @birdsontheblack

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 98.5K
Following: 1,570
Followers: 5,389

Total points: 898
Average: 7.675
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 28.21%
% that were 1: 3.42%
Ranking history: 18 (2015), 25 (2016), 11 (2017), 9 (2018), 7 (2019), 20 (2020)

We’ve occasionally called Tara the queen of Cardinal Twitter and given there’s only one woman ahead of her on this list that’s a fairly accurate statement.  Some of that content took a bit of a back seat in 2021 as she and #SiriSteve tied the knot in June.  Otherwise, she’s been busy with both Gateway to Baseball Heaven and Chirps plus continuing to advocate for minor leaguers all in addition to her day job.  To quote Lor San Tekka, “To me, she’s royalty.”

Number 12: AugieNash
“If Satch (Paige) and I were pitching on the same team, we would clinch the pennant by July 4th and go fishing until World Series time.” -Dizzy Dean

On Twitter since: February 2018
Number of Tweets: 23.1K
Following: 646
Followers: 3,393

Total points: 911
Average: 7.656
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 31.09%
% that were 1: 3.36%
Ranking history: 131 (2018), 32 (2019), 17 (2020)

We’ve got a number of folks that bring us Cardinal history but Augie is one of the most dedicated.  Almost every day you are going to see an “On This Day” tweet talking about something in Cardinal history.  You are going to see old photos and stories from the far back history of the club.  Not that Augie is ignoring the current day squad, don’t you worry about that.  His passion for Dizzy Dean goes unmatched, however.

Number 11: birdsontheblack
St. Louis Cardinals & MiLB affiliates blog. “Birds on the Black podcasts” on Spotify, Podcasts, etc. Chirps and Prospects after Dark #PaD

On Twitter since: October 2017
Number of Tweets: 8,210
Following: 822
Followers: 6,841

Total points: 953
Average: 7.942
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 31.67%
% that were 1: 2.50%
Ranking history: 134 (2018), 4 (2019), 10 (2020)

You’ll notice there’s no embedded tweet here, but that’s because the BOTB account is more focused on re-tweeting the content and links from its contributors.  When your contributors are Kyle Reis, Ben Cerutti, Stew Stilez, Tara Wellman Nichols, and others, that’s a solid play.  There’s always something that those folks are coming out with and BOTB is a good centralized location to find the current links.

Getting very close!  This afternoon will get into the single digits as we try to wrap this whole thing before 2022!

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