Top Cards on Twitter 2019: Assorted Stats

Earlier this afternoon, cardinalsgifs was again crowned Top Card on Twitter based on total points. However, as is our tradition, we look at some of the other possible ways of sorting the data.  First off, let’s look at who had the highest average points, based on being listed on a minimum of 30 ballots.

Handle Average
cardinalsgifs 9.771
kyler416 9.165
birdsontheblack 9.009
C70 8.921
TheCatonFox 8.919
StlCardsCards 8.891
dgoold 8.788
StewStilez 8.741
DannyMacTV 8.644
zjgifford 8.607

A lot of the same names but in a bit of a different order.  Of course gifs is still at the top, but Kyle moves up a few spots, Goold slips down a few.

Let’s look at the ones that got the highest award from the most people.  Sorted by percentage of 10s with the same minimum yields…..

Handle %
cardinalsgifs 86.44%
kyler416 69.23%
StlCardsCards 58.18%
birdsontheblack 57.80%
dgoold 57.63%
C70 52.48%
Cardinals 51.02%
TheCatonFox 50.00%
DannyMacTV 48.31%
StewStilez 48.28%

Looks a lot like our first table, but CardsCards slides up and the official account comes in there.  Does the view get any different when we sort it by the number of ballots people appeared on?  Let’s find out!

Handle # Ballots
cardinalsgifs 118
DannyMacTV 118
dgoold 118
bschaeffer12 112
StlCardsCards 110
birdsontheblack 109
buffa82 109
stlcupofjoe 106
tarawellman 104
Ben_Fred 101

As a note, I also had 101 ballots which would have tied me with BenFred.  Interesting to see Schaeffer jump up there and have the most ballots outside of the big three.  Man’s made a name for himself, it would appear.

Finally, let’s take a look at who made the biggest jumps and biggest drops this year.  We’ll toss out those that were write-ins last year and focus just on the people that were on the actual ballot in both years.


Handle 2019 2018 Change
hes_verygood 82 97 +15
markasaxon 13 25 +12
Holy_Shildt 74 85 +11
Ben_Fred 9 15 +6
JodiUmo 47 53 +6
PrezJohnMo 68 74 +6

The changes weren’t as large as I expected them to be, but that’s probably because of so many people that were added to the form this year because of being written in last year.  That changed the dynamic a lot.  However, nice to see Rusty getting his due here.


Handle 2019 2018 Change
FakeSTLMatheny 149 69 -80
DrMilesM5 145 79 -66
TonOfClayton 151 87 -64
Cardsblog 126 62 -64
CareyOnCards 119 58 -61

Again, things change with a lot of people added to the form, but many of these folks (at least it seems to me) have been much quieter this year and, in the case of Dr. Miles, gotten away from Cardinal Twitter entirely.  It’s probably not a surprise that people slip out of mind if you don’t see them as much, given how many folks are active.

That’ll do it for another year.  I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to doing this again with you next year!

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