’14 FLC Tournament Day 2: Arch Region

A great kickoff to the tournament yesterday, and remember you still have time to get in your votes on those matchups for another few hours.  Now let’s start the second half of the brackets today in the Arch Region.  Remember, you can find out more about the tournament as well as see the full bracket in this post.  Polls close at noon tomorrow.

You’ve got Mark McGwire, the slugger that inspired a portion of this writer’s nom de plume but is also tainted by PEDs, vs. Ray Washburn, a particular favorite of a good friend of ours.

Ray Lankford, who carried the torch through the rough part of the ’90s, versus another member of those great ’80s teams in Ken Oberkfell.

When you are talking about the ’80s, you are often talking Terry Pendleton and Tom Herr.  Facing them off is just cruel.  Who made this bracket anyway?

Willie McGee, a Cardinal HOF nominee and the focus of a retire-his-number movement, versus Ken Dayley, who does have that ’80s nostalgia going for him.

We’ll tackle the second half of the BPV bracket, complete with some astounding pitchers, in a couple of hours!

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