’14 FLC Tournament Day 2: BPV Region

Yesterday’s matchups are hitting the homestretch, so if you’ve not voted, get cracking on it!  Now we take on the second half of the Ballpark Village Region, complete with plenty of hurlers that would knock your socks off.  Remember, you can find out more about the tournament as well as see the full bracket in this post.  Polls close at noon tomorrow.

Bob Gibson dares you not to vote for him.  Al Hrabosky will get Mad if you don’t vote for him.  It’s your choice, but either way you are probably getting a fastball to the ribs.

Joaquin Andujar was the ace of some of those ’80s teams that captured our imagination.  Bob Tewksbury came along a decade later, painting the corners and painting portraits in the locker room.

The unofficial captain of the current squad in Yadier Molina versus a guy he used to catch, starter/reliever Kyle McClellan.

A couple of northeastern pitchers, Chris Carpenter and John Tudor, whose legend surpassed what they did on the field, even though their results were substantial as well.

Next up at noon, the second half of the Champions Region!


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