’14 FLC Tournament Day 2: Champions Region

The first day is now in the books and players can start looking forward to their second-round matchup.  There’s still plenty of action on the court, though, as we now look at the bottom half of the Champions Region.  Remember, you can find out more about the tournament as well as see the full bracket in this post.  Polls close at noon tomorrow.

Keith Hernandez, who won part of an MVP here before being more associated with another franchise, versus Bill White, who also went on to bigger things, such as the president of the National League.

Most of us remember Scott Rolen with fondness.  George Hendrick was a big part of the first World Series win since 1967.

The recently retired Rick Ankiel, who if nothing else was a great story, takes on homegrown outfielder Bernard Gilkey, who played Robin to Ray Lankford‘s Batman in the early ’90’s.

Jim Edmonds might be a Cardinal HOF nominee, a Cooperstown possibility, and one of the greatest outfield gloves we’ve seen in St. Louis, but no one is titling a blog after him like they do for Aaron Miles.

Two hours until the last of the first round matchups!  Come back and vote in the Diamond Region!


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