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Godspeed, Oscar Yadier Taveras.

I did not cry Sunday night when I read the news of Oscar Taveras and Edilia Arvelo’s unfortunate fatal car accident. I felt all of the emotions usually associated with and preceding crying, but the tears didn’t come. I chatted with Daniel on the Gateway to Baseball Heaven podcast Sunday night, mere minutes after the [...]

I have the distinct honor of being a voting member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, and this season my vote is being tallied for the Walter Johnson Award for the most outstanding pitcher in the National League. As with many of these voting processes, BBA or other body of award-givers, there can be very few [...]

Make no mistake, when John Mozeliak reached out this off-season and signed Jhonny Peralta to a multi-year contract to play shortstop (for now) for the Cardinals, it was about improving the offense at the position. While Peralta has been very good on defense this season (2nd in defensive runs saved with 14, according to Baseball Info [...]

[Author’s Note: Yes, you read that title right. In August of 2013, the United Cardinal Bloggers undertook one of their various monthly projects intended to get readers to better know the folks writing. I drew Dan Buffa, then (and still, just not Cardinal-centric) of Dose of Buffa, now at Sports Rants. Unfortunately for Dan, I failed [...]

My sincere apologies to you that look forward to this feature on any sort of regular basis. I mean, it’s been what, six or eight months? Well, have I got just the thing for you. Recently Fangraphs added pitchers to their venerable tool of time-suck, opening up a wide new world of players for us [...]

Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals’ victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in St. Louis last night was special for many reasons (hey, they won again!), not the least of which was Wainwright’s dominant performance. Let’s make clear early on (because someone will, if I don’t) that the D’Backs aren’t exactly in the upper echelon of competition [...]

Ok, that’s definitely just a click-baiting headline, but stick with me here. In doing some research for another post, I was re-introduced to the fantastic site of one David Pinto, Baseball Musings. Amongst the other wonderful things you can find at David’s website is one tool called the “Day-by-Day Database.” It will allow you to [...]

At this point in the season it’s safe to say we are reaching have reached the point of beginning to eliminate small sample sizes in most cases.  Allen Craig is struggling. Shelby Miller isn’t pitching as well as his win-loss record and ERA indicate. Mike Matheny *loooooves* to double-switch. But what about those players for whom [...]

This is going to seem like a follow-up to this morning’s post, and it’s really only partially (if at all) that. It’s as much about illustrating Jhonny Peralta as likely the best option, at least in the short-term – and if past performance is any indicator of future success (it’s not). Two of the typically [...]

Much has been made in the last four or five days of the outrage of baseball players, media, and some fans about the Cardinals’ free-agent signing of shortstop Jhonny Peralta. In fact, the issue has some media members in such a tizzy that they’ve been unable to spell moral correctly (or maybe they just mis-remembered [...]

I really try to be as positive as I can about the Cardinals fan base, as often as I can. When we as a group are attacked as BFIB or that awful Twitter account gets spread around the interwebs like wildfire, I’m quick to remind anyone who will listen that they’re referencing a small subset [...]

In advance of tonight’s National League Division Series Game 5 between your St. Louis Cardinals and those dastardly Pirates from Pittsburgh, I present to you, loyal fans of the Birds on the Bat, a conclusive analysis of tonight’s managers. This is highly scientific, you guys. Mike Matheny > Clint Hurdle. Please see below. Mike Matheny’s [...]

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