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If you’ve been to Busch III recently (I was there last Saturday, not sure how long prior to then these have been showing) you’ve seen the video below of children re-enacting notable Cardinal home runs, most from playoff games.  There is also a shorter commercial version that I’ve been told has been running on television [...]

I know it’s been about a week ago now, but I am still marveling at Michael Wacha‘s last outing for the Cardinals.  Eight-and-two-thirds of no-hit ball, and a dramatic ending. You’ve probably played and replayed all of the video of that ending, but here’s another for you.  Sent in by friend of PH8 and avid [...]

A recent post by Phil Kurz at Broadcast Engineering outlines the fancy new technology that has been acquired and installed at Busch III since last season’s unspeakable exit from the Major League Baseball Wild Card and Other Winners Tournament. Despite some issues with reading comprehension (and/or writing comprehension – yeah, think about it) on Kurz’ post [...]

The Dodgers had won fifteen straight road games coming into Busch III last night, while Joe Kelly had pitched almost fifteen scoreless innings since re-joining the starting rotation. Immovable object, meet unstoppable force. Especially with Clayton Kershaw taking the ball for Los Angeles, Kelly would have to be great. The Cardinal offense would have to [...]

I know Daniel wouldn’t do this, but in his stead, I’m making an emergency executive decision. Goat first. Goat: Whoever called that consarned bunt in the bottom of the seventh inning. Yes, I’m looking at you Carlos Beltran and/or Mike Matheny (in no particular order). Matheny refused to directly answer questions about the bunt in [...]

A successful end to the trip

What a shame that the Cardinals couldn’t score double-digit runs on Saturday evening, right? After dropping the first four games in Pittsburgh to run their losing streak to a previously unimaginable seven games, the Cardinals’ offense exploded while Joe Kelly did his part in a 13-0 rout. The intrepid C70 has been keeping tabs on [...]

They said it couldn’t last. They said that “statistics” and “math” required that this could not go on forever. The Cardinals defied a lot of brilliant people for a long time. Then on Friday in Atlanta, math, probability theory, and regression came calling for the Cardinals. The results have been ugly, just by the eye [...]

Albert Pujols schadenfreude

Time to let go, folks. It’s been time to let go for a while now. Many of you have. I have. But there seemingly remains this element, a relatively quiet minority really, that gets louder with each mention of Albert Pujols‘ name across the ticker at the bottom of their television. OH MY GOODNESS JOHN [...]

Last month, the UCB made recommendations for the design of the soon-to-be-completed Cardinals Hall of Fame, part of the Ballpark Village project. This month, we weigh in on which persons should be enshrined in said Hall of Fame. The rules for this undertaking were pretty clearly laid out, anyone on the wall at Busch III [...]

Oh goodness, not another trade deadline post! Yes, it’s another trade deadline post. Well, sort of. It could also just as easily be a “player A optioned, player B recalled” post. What am I talking about?  Who’s not pulling their WAR? (Are you done with the sophomoric jokes now? Good, me too.) By definition, a [...]

Off-days are boring, right? Especially ones that come after a loss, and a rather protracted streak of more losses than wins. I like to use this time to catch up on my reading. Now, most (if not all) of it is still about the Cardinals, so I’m not totally abandoning ship here, but I thought [...]

This week’s WAR Graph is very flattering to a current Cardinal, not so much to former. Matt Carpenter, of course, is a second baseman of necessity, not by trade – as was a predecessor. It seems safe to say at this stage that Matt’s taken to it a bit better than the previous player to [...]

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