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With Pitchers Hit Eighth “reborn” in a sense here at the Conclave, I thought I’d bring back a feature I always loved writing but fell by the wayside.  (Which is a shame, because it’s fun, interesting, and as importantly – easy to do.) Welcome to WAR Graph Wednesday of Pitchers Hit Eighth (at the Conclave). [...]

An interesting e-mail came into PH8 headquarters yesterday, one that I felt obligated to share with you loyal four readers. Brandt, a self-described “baseball fan free agent” wrote in asking why he should root for the Cardinals.  A novel concept, having someone else sell you on their favorite club.  Obviously, this was a task completely [...]

The Cardinals are also no stranger to the 28th selection in the MLB First Year Player Draft.  In odd years from 2001-2005 the Cards selected Justin Pope, Daric Barton, and Colby Rasmus in that order.  (Now that I’m typing this, perhaps the departure of all of these players from the organization is not a good [...]

With the 19th selection in this season’s First Year Player Draft, a selection that has produced benefit for the organization in multiple recent drafts, (also Michael Wacha last season) tonight the Cardinals selected another pitcher in the same 19 slot – LHP Marco Gonzales from Gonzaga University.  (It’s Gonzales with an “s” at the end, [...]

Yes, I’ve felt the pressure of trying to write something great to mark my first post at the Conclave. No, I’m not certain that I’ve succeeded. Nevertheless, I *have* clicked around on Baseball Reference a ton this afternoon and evening, which should count for something. What I learned in all of that clicking is that [...]

Yeah, yeah, I’m the crazy one.  “Why in the name of Tony La Russa would you want a pitcher to hit eighth in a Major League lineup?” Well, I’m glad you asked.  Because I wrote a lot about it once. I started Pitchers Hit Eighth in May of 2008 after finally moving far enough north [...]

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