VIDEO: Another vantage point of the end of Michael Wacha’s no-hitter

I know it’s been about a week ago now, but I am still marveling at Michael Wacha‘s last outing for the Cardinals.  Eight-and-two-thirds of no-hit ball, and a dramatic ending.

You’ve probably played and replayed all of the video of that ending, but here’s another for you.  Sent in by friend of PH8 and avid Cardinals-on-the-smartphone-video-taker @tnewstead, check out the vantage point from field level behind home plate:

Wacha loses no-hitter from Pitchers Hit Eighth on Vimeo.

Perhaps my favorite part of this video that I didn’t see in all of the others (and maybe I just didn’t look hard enough), is the reaction of Yadier Molina in the foreground (at about 0:16 of the video) when he sees the safe call.  Yet another reason why his pitchers love him.  That was HIS no-hitter too!

Anyway, thought you would enjoy seeing this.

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