WAR Graph Wednesday: Mike Matheny vs Clint Hurdle

In advance of tonight’s National League Division Series Game 5 between your St. Louis Cardinals and those dastardly Pirates from Pittsburgh, I present to you, loyal fans of the Birds on the Bat, a conclusive analysis of tonight’s managers.

This is highly scientific, you guys. Mike Matheny > Clint Hurdle. Please see below.

Mike Matheny’s best season was better than Clint Hurdle’s best season:

Source: FanGraphsMike Matheny, Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle’s playing career was done at age 29. Mike Matheny was (not literally, but in terms of performance) just taking off at 29.

Source: FanGraphsMike Matheny, Clint Hurdle

The two managers’ careers resulted in Matheny edging Hurdle in career WAR – 3.7 for Matheny to Hurdle’s 3.6. Sorry about your luck, Clint.

Source: FanGraphsMike Matheny, Clint Hurdle

In conclusion, this all has absolutely no bearing on Matheny’s managerial skills versus Hurdle’s. However, if you are interested in finding ways that current Cardinals best current Pirates, this is, indeed, one. (Thank goodness there’s no such thing as a Big League Chew WAR – that’s Wad Above Replacement – Matheny wouldn’t stand a chance.)

Go Cards.

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