WAR Graph Wednesday: The C(h)ris Carpenter Trio

My sincere apologies to you that look forward to this feature on any sort of regular basis. I mean, it’s been what, six or eight months? Well, have I got just the thing for you. Recently Fangraphs added pitchers to their venerable tool of time-suck, opening up a wide new world of players for us to compare and contrast here.

Today I bring to you The C(h)ris Carpenter Trio (by now, you know my affection for post titles that double as band names).

There’s the Chris Carpenter we all know and love, the one who is going to represent the Cardinals at the upcoming First Year Player Draft.

There’s the Cris Carpenter many of us know and don’t really remember.

Then there’s the Chris Carpenter that’s pitching in Japan now.

Quick, I’ll give you one guess who’s going to win this version of WAR Graph Wednesday. I’ll wait…

Ok, here are the three by age:

Source: FanGraphsChris Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Cris Carpenter

Wait, what happened to Chris Carpenter (Japan)? Ok, that’s mean, I know. I’ll admit, I had to look up Cris Carpenter’s 1988, and forgot that he had come up as a starter.

What about by best season?

Source: FanGraphsChris Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Cris Carpenter

Yeah, Chris Carpenter (Japan) can say he was a big leaguer. That’s cool. If only Chris Carpenter (#29) could’ve just stayed healthy. Those barrel-bottom seasons of less than a handful of starts really sting, if only just because we missed Carp’s on-field intensity those seasons. Heart u Carp.

Finally, the cumulative graph is a walk-over. Chris Carpenter (#29) in a land slide.

Source: FanGraphsChris Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Cris Carpenter

Things that I learned while writing this post: both Chris Carpenter’s have the middle name John. Creeeeeeepppppyyyyyyy.

Have a WAR Graph you’d like to see in future weeks? Leave suggestions in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

  • Buddhasillegitimatechild38 May 21, 2014, 6:19 pm

    His middle name is not John, its Mother&@%#ing.

    Also I would love Drew, Lankford, and OTs projections (is it steamer that projects out five years?) if at all possible

    • PitchersHitEighth May 22, 2014, 2:17 pm

      Hahaha – well done.

      Unfortunately, the engine doesn’t accommodate projections, but I could get Drew and Ray Ray on a graph and then comment about Taveras’ OLIVER projections (which is the one Fangraphs shows for five years forward). Great suggestion!

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