Top Cards on Twitter 2019: 21-25

We’ve blazed through roughly 90% of the names on this list, so now it’s time to settle in and see what the top 25 folks look like.  Much of it will be familiar, but there are a couple of new faces and our order from last year has shifted around somewhat.  We’ll take a look at a few more stats with these folks, plus I’ll include either their pinned tweet or something recent that works as a bit of representation of their work.  Starting with…..

Number 25: memphisredbirds
Official account of the Memphis Redbirds. The proud  affiliate of the .

On Twitter since: March 2009
Number of Tweets: 35.2K
Following: 1,821
Followers: 59,933

Total points: 639
Average: 8.192
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 35.90%
% that were 1: 1.28%
2018 rank: NR

For as much grief as the main Cardinal account has gotten (and they’ve gotten much, much better over the past few years), the minor league teams really seem to embrace the possibilities of Twitter.  We’ve already seen Springfield in the rankings and now Memphis joins the fun after being added to the form this year.  The AAA affiliate obviously does a lot of selling of their product but they do it usually in a lighthearted and not overbearing manner.  Lots of visuals with their account–I’m not sure they have a tweet that doesn’t have a picture or a video with it.  Which can definitely brighten up your timeline!

Number 24: CardinalsRant_
Cardinals Rant. Memes cure the depression the Cardinals give me. Laugh through the pain with me. President of the Carlos Martinez fan club.

On Twitter since: April 2017
Number of Tweets: 22.6K
Following: 727
Followers: 3,966

Total points: 645
Average: 7.679
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 2
% that were 10: 26.19%
% that were 1: 0.00%
2018 rank: 155

CardinalsRant was a write-in submission last year but made an impact this year, making a huge jump up the rankings.  You’ll find a lot of news here and some strong opinions about the state of the Cardinals.  He’s got his pulse on the wider baseball world as well, it feels like.  While he’s not necessarily a fan of the moves or lack thereof by the front office, he’s not as relentlessly negative as some that you can find on the platform.

Number 23: JackOfCards22

On Twitter since: August 2014
Number of Tweets: 82.5K
Following: 1,100
Followers: 3,500

Total points: 648
Average: 7.624
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 23.53%
% that were 1: 1.18%
2018 rank: 18

Our favorite White Claw enthusiast slid five spots in this year’s rankings but still brought everything you’d expect to his Twitter game.  Where else can you find someone who can give you Playstation game stories, public bathroom stall ratings, and other random musings intermixed with what’s going on with the Cardinals?  The artist formally known as Mattinals also did a little podcasting earlier in the year and I think I saw something about him returning to that for the N The Zone network, so that should be interesting.  Definitely worth a listen if he does!

Number 22: VanHicklestein
baseball is fun, in my opinion.

On Twitter since: February 2017
Number of Tweets: 37.3K
Following: 799
Followers: 3,435

Total points: 663
Average: 8.500
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 47.44%
% that were 1: 2.56%
2018 rank: 21

VHS is one of the most original feeds on the Twitter box.  You’ll get gifs, of course, but you also get some great things like you see in the embedded tweet.  Overlaying the home radio call on the video of a big moment is one thing, but getting the opponent’s feeds and putting them in there is just glorious.  Find the ones of the Yadier Molina and Paul DeJong going yard with the Cubs’ TV and radio calls.  *chef kiss*

Number 21: buffa82
South City family man | Contributor to  |  driver |  &  columnist |  member &  member

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 166K
Following: 6,158
Followers: 12,537

Total points: 674
Average: 6.183
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 12.84%
% that were 1: 12.84%
2018 rank: 11

Buffa can be a polarizing figure on the Twitter, as noted by the fact that he got the same number of 10s as he did 1s.  What you can’t say is that he’s unremarkable, becoming the first that we’ve seen so far make it on over 100 ballots.  Dan dropped off a bit in the standings this year, falling 10 spots (the second-biggest drop of someone that stayed in the Top 25) but the content generation never slowed down.  You’ve got articles about the Cards, writeups on the Blues, and plenty of movie talk, which even led to a TV gig this year.  If you are on Twitter, you know Dan Buffa.

There’s our first five in-depth looks.  Come back tomorrow and we’ll do some more!

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