Worrying about Wacha

Last night was overall an impressive evening for St. Louis baseball. As the Conclave discussed, the Cardinals have their manager for the next few seasons and possibly much longer. The opening game of the home stand to close out the month had a couple of hiccups (see Hicks, Jordan) but another dominant start for Jack [...]

Clocking the Cardinals

As Cardinals continue the roster churn, would anyone be shocked to see a major move in the next three hours? This summer (heck this week) has already made last year’s non-movement an afterthought as the St. Louis front office tweaks the roster for now as well as the future. Daniel gave us a parting gift [...]

Power Trio Round out Day 2

The Cardinals believe they have plenty of arms, at least if the first ten rounds of the 2018 Draft are any indication. Rounds 8-10 saw St. Louis add more power to the system and each one comes from a strong baseball program. Lars Nootbaar may very well end up a fan favorite simply due to [...]

Back to the Grind

St. Louis certainly doesn’t have the market cornered on a type of ballplayer but if a poll was taken, a vote for grinders would most definitely make the final cut. The Cardinals added two more of this type in rounds 6 and 7 while also potentially saving money needed to ensure all of the picks [...]

Returning to the Cape

Some things are pretty much deal breakers as far as how you rank prospective draftees for the Cardinals. If you have shown an ability to hit with a wood bat, for instance, that checks off a very important box. Meet Nick Dunn from the University of Maryland, the most recent St. Louis Draft pick and [...]

St. Louis Selects Injured Ace

Continuing a couple of trends from yesterday, the Cardinals used Round 4 on their first left-handed pitcher of the Draft. They also must hope that Steven Gingery has thrown his final pitch for Texas Tech, as that will be the only way he signs with St. Louis. Much as in the case of Luken Baker, [...]

Hard to argue against taking a high school SS who was taught the game by a former big leaguer, especially when that player is your father. Mateo Gil won’t be an easy sign in the third round, but maybe one current TCU player and a certain alumni can convince him to join the Cardinals. Or [...]

Stacking the Deck

No matter your preference, it is always fun when new players are added to the organization. That can mean via trade, free agency, or even an international signing but the excitement about learning how the player found their way to the Cardinals will top my list every time. St. Louis more than any team in [...]

Feeling a Draft

For one week every June, the clock stops as far as the games go at least in this tiny corner of the Conclave. As much as the season can feel like a grind even to the most faithful, now is the time for hopes and dreams as the Rule 4, or first year player, Draft [...]

Taking Stock of the Flock

If you have spent any time browsing the Conclave or any of our sites before the merger, none of my posts the next month will come as a shock. Just in case you stumbled upon this one in any number of various ways, thanks for reading and pull up a chair – you are gonna [...]

What an Encore for Reyes

Hard to ask for anything better out of the Memphis game, which will leave people talking all summer. In another of those where were you type of outings, Alex Reyes displayed everything that makes him a difference maker in the NL Central race. Reyes did much more than get his work in for the Redbirds, [...]

Strikeouts are not Boring

Reyes has shared the wealth, as every spot in the OKC lineup has now gone down swinging or looking, with Memphis leading 5-0 thru six.

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