Cards go with Baseball Bloodlines

Hard to argue against taking a high school SS who was taught the game by a former big leaguer, especially when that player is your father. Mateo Gil won’t be an easy sign in the third round, but maybe one current TCU player and a certain alumni can convince him to join the Cardinals.

Or it is possible that his dad, Benji, just might need a phone call from a couple of his former teammates from the 2002 World Series team to help lead the way to St. Louis. Something tells me that Yadi’s brothers have better things to do, but then again, I am certainly biased.

Matt Carpenter has always been a proud Texas Christian alum, so maybe that isn’t the best approach either. Hmm, well I am out of ideas at this point unless Luken Baker wants to just carry Gil with him to Florida. Either way it is another high upside pick by the Birds on the Bat, something that is quite refreshing to see.

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