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St. Louis certainly doesn’t have the market cornered on a type of ballplayer but if a poll was taken, a vote for grinders would most definitely make the final cut. The Cardinals added two more of this type in rounds 6 and 7 while also potentially saving money needed to ensure all of the picks are signed.

Edgar Gonzalez and Brendan Donovan are simply gritty players who just happen to be perfect for the Birds on the Bat. It also helps that as college juniors, both were selected high enough to make the decision fairly academic in pursuing their dream at a minor league affiliate to be determined later this month.

Gonzalez has plenty of upside as either a starter or reliever who garnered First-Team All-Mountain West honors for Fresno State. The righty struck out 17 in one start this season and could be line to close out some games this summer.

If Donovan’s college sounds familiar, that’s simply because South Alabama was more than just number ten pick Travis Swaggerty. Donovan plays all over the diamond, and it wouldn’t be a shock if he was the next Greg Garcia someday.

With three rounds left today, the Cardinals have yet to take a college senior or junior college pick, setting up for a wild end to Day 2.

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