Top Cards on Twitter 2018: Assorted Stats

Earlier today we finished up our look at the Top 25 of the Top Cards on Twitter.  Like we did last year, though, I wanted to take a look at the rankings from a little different point of view.  I mean, total points is great (and the fairest way to judge these things) but there are other ways to measure the rankings.

For instance, we can look at the average score each person got.  With 116 votes this year, these averages probably are much more indicative of quality than they might have been in the past.  It’s tougher to skew them one way or another.  So, with a minimum of 25 ballots required to make the list, here’s the top 10 by average:

Handle Average
cardinalsgifs 9.495
kyler416 9.172
TheCatOnFox 9.078
LangoschMLB 8.660
dgoold 8.594
C70 8.564
StlCardsCards 8.374
zjgifford 8.148
Cardinals 8.138
VanHicklestein 8.103

Conveniently, those are the only ones that were over an 8 average anyway.  The Cat jumps up a good bit in this method, going from 13th to third.  VHS does a nice leap as well, from 21st to 10th.

What about those that consistently pulled the perfect scores?  If a lot of people are giving you 10s, you probably are high up on the list, but who had the highest concentration of perfection?

Handle %10
cardinalsgifs 74.29%
TheCatOnFox 61.04%
kyler416 60.92%
dgoold 45.54%
StlCardsCards 41.41%
Cardinals 40.23%
LangoschMLB 40.21%
zjgifford 38.64%
VanHicklestein 33.82%
C70 32.98%

About the same as the other chart, just with a little swapping of the order.  Kyle and The Cat switch places while I slide much farther down and dgoold moves up a bit.

Let’s look at it this way.  Who had the most backing?  Who got voted on–in some form or fashion–on the most ballots?  Remember, you didn’t have to vote for everyone and very few did.  So let’s look at that list.

Handle Ballots
cardinalsgifs 105
dgoold 101
bschaeffer12 100
StlCardsCards 99
buffa82 98
stlcupofjoe 98
LangoschMLB 97
miklasz 95
C70 94
Moz_Algorithm 94

A bit more variety here.  Brenden, as we noted in his writeup, was the rare 100 ballot guy that didn’t finish in the top 2.  Dan Buffa’s always engendered opinions one way or another, so it’s not surprising to see him crack this list as well.

We’ve got to come up with SOMETHING that cardinalsgifs isn’t able to lead.  So let’s look at it this way.  What were the biggest changes in rank this year?  Tossing out those that were write-ins last year, since they were obviously going to jump a lot when added to the main form, here are the top five gainers and droppers in rank this year.

Handle 2017 2018 +/-
Graham_STL 64 24 +40
kyler416 33 5 +28
clutchmarp 50 35 =15
Cardinals 25 13 +12
Moz_Algorithm 22 10 +12
TonofClayton 42 87 -45
thestlcardsfan4 58 103 -45
stlcardsminimo 53. 101 -48
elichap22 54 102 -48
KeeneMLB 10 66 -56

I think a lot of those drops are exaggerated by how many more people voted and how many new people were added to the form this year.  I mean, Keene makes sense because nobody even remembers him now given his long absence, but I think the numbers for the others are a bit inflated.  On the upside, yeah, Graham’s going to be proud of this, I think.

Hope this series has entertained you as we start the offseason.  We’ll pick it back up next year!

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