’14 FLC Tournament Opening Round: BPV Region

With the first eight matchups already well underway, let’s kick off another eight in the region for just pitchers and catchers.  Remember, you can find out more about the tournament as well as see the full bracket in this post.  Polls close at noon tomorrow.

As a manager in St. Louis, maybe not as beloved, but as a player, Joe Torre did all right. Danny Cox got to pitch on those great ’80s teams, so he’ll always have a spot in people’s hearts.

Tim McCarver had the better career, but has his broadcasting cost him in this arena? Tom Pagnozzi is another University of Arkansas boy, so he can’t be all bad.

The current manager versus one of his charges. What bugs you least, Mike Matheny‘s bunting or Jaime Garcia‘s injury woes?

A potential Cardinal HOFer (and deserving-of-Cooperstowner) Ted Simmons vs. a pitcher that never quite lived down his trade in Mark Mulder.

We’ll have the first half of the Champions Region coming up around noon, so come back for those!


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