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The day of the trade deadline and the day before were some of the most active I can remember seeing at the trade deadline. Day one wasn’t so harsh, with the Cards dealing minor league OF James Ramsey for SP Justin Masterson. Day two was a lot more emotional when the Cards dealt SP Joe [...]

I have to start off by telling you that I’ve been a baseball fan basically since birth. In my house, baseball was required viewing. I collected numerous bits of memorabilia (mostly the kind that has little value now, but a couple of nice pieces), and attended more games than I can count. My father worked [...]

As the Cards begin their “second half”, they have many unanswered questions: Who will make up the rotation? Can Adam Wainwright stay healthy and as effective as he was in the first half?  Will Shelby Miller ever improve? Can Allen Craig even step into the shadow of his 2013 performance? It’s a dizzying array of [...]

This wasn’t what I wanted to write about this week. I wanted to do some uplifting writing about the St. Louis Cardinals excellent performance against Pittsburgh. I’d mention how it came at a wonderful time, with the Brewers dropping five straight. I’d also mention how the Cards got as close as they’ve been to first [...]

Amidst the smells of meat grilling in your backyard, the comforting warm sensation of the sun cooking your skin, and a couple of adult beverages this weekend, you’re probably also hoping to enjoy some St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Said baseball is decidedly more enjoyable when the team residing at 700 Clark Ave is winning. For [...]

Before I start off on a topic more contentious than immigration reform, race relations, the gender gap, and boxers or briefs all rolled into one, I owe you a disclaimer. I’m not always 100% honest here on the blog. Now, hang on, I’m not lying to my four loyal readers each week…I’m just not always [...]

I’m trying a little different format this week. It isn’t original by any means. In fact, one of my favorite reads in St. Louis sports uses it regularly. I wanted to hit several noteworthy topic, and not bore you on a single topic. So here are some note worthy observations on the Cards this week [...]

The St. Louis Cardinals offense has become a bit of a laughing stock this year. It seemed for quite a while that the team was simply incapable of a blowout victory. In the games where the Cards managed to be the winning team, it seemed like it was always by just a run. Since arriving in [...]

Not much has been going right for the Cardinals this week. Rough starts from Wainwright and Garcia were punctuated by being shutout in two consecutive games by the Giants and the Royals. The third consecutive loss (at Kansas City, 8-7) was the second time the Cards had dropped three in a row in the last [...]

Certainly, the St. Louis Cardinals started the season in a rockier fashion than many expected. An under-performing team will always find that it has a lot of volunteer general managers. This season, those general managers have come up with some potential solutions that I never would have thought of. Not all of them are good, [...]

Few would argue that the Cardinals have had their fair share of struggles to start the year. The team is 1.5 games back in the NL Central as this is written, have formerly potent bats under performing, and question marks surrounding key members of the bullpen. One thing they have not had to worry about is a [...]

It occurred to me this week that I never wrote a proper introductory piece on who I am. I won’t bore you with too many details you may or may not care about, but I figure I probably owe the Conclave one of these. I like the old FAQ format for a couple of reasons: [...]

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