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It hasn’t been an easy week to be a Cardinals fan. Actually, let’s be honest – it hasn’t been an easy few weeks. Just last Saturday I wrote (in typical tongue-in-cheek fashion) about how the Cardinals front office is really just screwing with us, to elicit a reaction on social media. That was before the Cards dropped [...]

It is entirely plausible that the St. Louis Cardinals planned this all along. Somewhere in a smoky back room, Mo and Matheny contemplated how to draw the most giggles for themselves by reading Twitter comments on the first month of the Cards’ performance. I can almost envision Mo dancing around doing hand puppets while whimsically reading [...]

Jump starting my season

I’m not immune to slumps. In fact, I started off with a fantastic spring. I had the writing equivalent of a .330 average. Unfortunately, when the regular season got started, my swing got a little long. I needed a jump start. The Cards Conclave is that jump start, for me. I’m thrilled to be part [...]

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