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I thought I’d take a look at how some of our off-season acquisitions have started the season, starting with our (sort of) Japanese import Miles Mikolas. So far Mikolas has had two starts, both against the same opponent, the Milwaukee Brewers. One start was home and one was up north in Milwaukee. The stat lines from [...]

Hello there guys. Been a while. Like the Cards, I got off to a slow start this season. Last night though, the Cardinals were full speed ahead, thanks to a brilliant outing by Carlos Martinez, who struck out 10 Milwaukee Brewers in 8 and a third innings and didn’t allow a run. More performances like [...]

Now that I got my FA rant out of the way yesterday, my mind wandered to the other side of the fence. Specifically, the big class of 2019. What if Bill DeWitt suddenly decided to open his wallet, or found 2 Billion dollars of pocket change under his couch? Who would fit our team in [...]

First, let me say I love baseball. I grew up with it, and I enjoy it immensely. Having said that, I must say I think baseball players are vastly overpaid, which is why I’ve really enjoyed this off-season. The team that did the best this off-season, in my opinion, was the Minnesota Twins, who spent [...]

Player Watch: Miles Mikolas

Yes, I’m alive. Going to try to be more active as the season gets closer. One post a time though. Anyways, one of the more interesting players in camp is Miles Mikolas. The Cards signed him to a 2 year/15.5 million dollar deal in the off-season. Mikolas had a had a brief and uninteresting career [...]

This off-season, there are several players still available in in free agency who could help the Cardinals: Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Plus there’s that never ending rumor that the Cardinals have been trying to get Josh Donaldson. What do these three players have in common? They all play corner infield spots, possible homes for [...]

(Editor’s note: Perhaps due to Doug’s vacation, he seemed to miss the fact that Sierra went in the Marcell Ozuna deal.  We are sorry for the error.) Hope everybody had a good holiday break! Like everybody else, I was excited by the trade to acquire Ozuna. I will miss Stephen Piscotty, as I think he’s [...]

Hey there folks, I’m back from vacation. I had a good time, and it felt good to get away. On to blogging. A while back, the Cards hired an old friend of the organization, former player Willie McGee, to be a coach. Willie’s role wasn’t specified. A little disclaimer: I grew up in the 80’s, [...]

Why Release Rosenthal?

The Cards yesterday cut Trevor Rosenthal, who had reclaimed the closers job in our bullpen before getting injured. Rosenthal needed Tommy John surgery, which makes him a risk, as there are no guarantees he’ll be the same pitcher when he gets back. Plus he made 6.4 million dollars last year, not exactly pocket change. Still, [...]

2018 Bullpen

To me, the bullpen is always one of the more interesting areas to evaluate on a yearly basis, as it tends to be volatile and fluctuate on a yearly basis. Teams often promote or acquire releivers both in the offseason and in season. The Yankees for example, signed Aroldis Chapman during the offseason, and then [...]

Sentimental Fool…

I was having a discussion with a colleague a few weeks back about (has it been that long?) my previous post. Specifically, we were talking about first base and Matt Carpenter. I would say, Yadier Molina and Carp are my two favorite players on the team. Yadi isn’t going anywhere, but Carp… Carp mainly plays three [...]

2018 Infield

Compared to the rest of the team, the infield is actually the most stable unit, in my opinion, heading into next season. Currently, Baseball Reference has it listed this way: 1B) Matt Carpenter 2B) Kolten Wong SS) Paul DeJong 3B) Jedd Gyorko C) Yadier Molina The biggest question in my mind is shortstop. Is Paul [...]

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