Why Release Rosenthal?

The Cards yesterday cut Trevor Rosenthal, who had reclaimed the closers job in our bullpen before getting injured.

Rosenthal needed Tommy John surgery, which makes him a risk, as there are no guarantees he’ll be the same pitcher when he gets back.

Plus he made 6.4 million dollars last year, not exactly pocket change.

Still, given what closers have been getting on the FA market (Mark Melancon signed a monster deal last off-season, Greg Holland might decline a roughly 17 million dollar qualifying offer to test the FA market) it is cheap.

Why not wait it out? After all, you gave a qualifying offer to a guy who *did* overcome Tommy John (Lance Lynn), so we have evidence that recovery and regaining the ability to perform at a high level is possible right on our own team. If Rosie signs with another team, recovers and performs, all for what’s considered reasonable money these days (don’t get me started on salary inflation) we’re gonna look a little silly, especially if we blow our money on a guy like Holland.

I’m just afraid the Cards haven’t learned anything from the Mike Leake and Brett Cecil disasters and will go out and throw money at a guy like Holland. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe, given how volatile relievers can be, that they aren’t worth that kind of money. Maybe a rich team like the Dodgers or Yankees can get away with spending that kind of money on a one inning pitcher like Aroldis Chapman, but a middle market team like the Cards needs to be smarter with its money.

I realize that the bullpen has gained more prevalence these days. People who didn’t already know that saw it watching the playoffs. I’m not sure offhand if any starter made it into the 9th inning, maybe Justin Verlander. Otherwise it was bullpen, bullpen, and more bullpen.

That, of course influence other teams to follow that path. Playoff success can be a Siren’s song to other teams. believe the Cards shouldn’t listen to that song. Don’t go out and blow money on a closer (or an expensive setup reliever) guys. There are better places to use our money.


As always, thanks for reading.


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