Thoughts On The MLB Offseason.

First, let me say I love baseball. I grew up with it, and I enjoy it immensely.

Having said that, I must say I think baseball players are vastly overpaid, which is why I’ve really enjoyed this off-season.

The team that did the best this off-season, in my opinion, was the Minnesota Twins, who spent little but filled multiple holes. (More detail here in this ESPN article Twins Off-Season.)

The worst deals, by far, were the Eric Hosmer and Jake Arrieta deals. San Diego was basically bidding against itself, and the Arrieta deal, while short at 3 years, paid a declining pitcher too much at 25 million dollars per year. I may have done the same amount of years, but with the last two years as team options. Make him earn those last two years.

What I could do with just one of those years of 25 million dollars.

Let’s reduce that even further though. The rookie minimum is 550,000 if I remember correctly.

Here’s what I could do with that amount:

  1. Pay off my mortgage
  2. Pay off my wife’s student loans
  3. Pay off my credit card.
  4. Get my wife a new car.
  5. Have money left over for multiple vacations.

The thing that seems to have been forgotten about baseball (and sports in general) is that they are entertainment. Sure, life would be boring without them, but they are not a necessity. Sports are not food, they are not water. They do not sustain us.

As I said, I grew up with baseball. There was a period, however, that I strayed from it, not watching a game for many years. I lived. I found other things to with my time. I met my wife, who as a nurse, performs a much more necessary job than an athlete but makes far, far less than the rookie minimum.

Next off-season, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will be free agents and likely get the biggest contracts ever. Just the idea of those contracts makes me cringe.

Just some food for thought.


As always, thanks for reading.






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