Top Cards on Twitter 2022: 11-15

It’s another day of us whittling down the list until we get to the top spot.  These folks fell just outside the top 10 but could have made (and some have made it in past years) that group if things had shaken out differently.  Let’s see who we have!

Number 15: miklasz
Proudly serving STL sports fans as a weekday host (3-6 pm) for 590 KFNS and columnist for Dan McLaughlin’s fast-growing

On Twitter since: February 2009
Number of Tweets: 41.7K
Following: 1,547
Followers: 140,962

Total points: 1,017
Average: 7.884
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 29.46%
% that were 1: 1.55%
Ranking history: 10 (2015), 15 (2016), 5 (2017), 16 (2018), 19 (2019), 11 (2020), 14 (2021)

Bernie has been a St. Louis fixture forever, it seems like.  I don’t know if he has the same reach that he did when he was writing for the Post-Dispatch, but it’s still a long one.  Of course, you can find him writing at Dan McLaughlin’s site (though, in light of recent events, it will be interesting to see if anything about that changes) and he uses his Twitter account to get the links out there.  He can also be heard on the radio and the Seeing Red podcast, so there’s no shortage of chances to hear what Bernie thinks!

Number 14: hochman
Sports columnist for my hometown paper, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (@stltoday). Author of 4 books, including 11 IN ‘11 (about 2011 Cardinals 🏆). YA novelist🤞

On Twitter since: October 2008
Number of Tweets: 77.8K
Following: 10,179
Followers: 44,861

Total points: 1,027
Average: 7.389
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 25.18%
% that were 1: 5.04%
Ranking history: 11 (2015), 19 (2016), 12 (2017), 17 (2018), 16 (2019), 15 (2020), 18 (2021)

Perhaps it is fitting that Benjamin winds up so often in the neighborhood of Bernie, the man who held his job before he took it over.  Hochman’s boundless energy is remarkable, though it also leads to a little polarization.  He can write goofy nonsense but then follow it up with a serious piece that makes you think.  He’s also got a video series over at the PD, which seems pretty cool.  The idea that he’s working on a young adult book seems to be a perfect spot for his abilities and I bet it’ll be great.

Number 13: sarahanne1212
I’m just kidding… • I’M A VIRGO • Slightly dramatized for comedic effect • Taking my standup act on the road this fall, tix here⬇️

On Twitter since: January 2012
Number of Tweets: 42.3K
Following: 319
Followers: 4,124

Total points: 1,083
Average: 8.205
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 44.70%
% that were 1: 4.55%
Ranking history: 24 (2021)

I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen Sarah take anything seriously.  No matter what the situation, whether it’s the Cardinals or her life, she’s always got a sarcastic comment or a witty joke.  I believe she may have moved past her boyfriend Harrison Bader so abruptly leaving her and T.J. McFarland being unceremoniously released, but I expect she’ll tag me on Twitter just for bringing up these painful memories.

Number 12: birdsontheblack
St. Louis Cardinals & MiLB affiliates blog. “Birds on the Black podcasts” on Spotify, Podcasts, etc. Chirps and Prospects after Dark #PaD 🌙

On Twitter since: October 2017
Number of Tweets: 8,334
Following: 811
Followers: 7,355

Total points: 1,101
Average: 8.096
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 32.35%
% that were 1: 2.21%
Ranking history: 134 (2018), 4 (2019), 10 (2020), 11 (2021)

You’ll note that the embedded Tweet isn’t from the BOTB account.  That’s because it’s representing what this account does best–highlight those that contribute to Birds on the Black and what they are doing.  Whether it’s a post, a podcast, or even a radio appearance by Kyle, Ben, Tara, or anyone else, BOTB is there to amplify their reach and get it to a few more folks.

Number 11: TheCatOnBallyTV
Bally Sports Midwest. 590 The Fan. My tweets are my own.

On Twitter since: February 2014
Number of Tweets: 20.2K
Following: 325
Followers: 95,721

Total points: 1,105
Average: 8.983
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 4
% that were 10: 32.35%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Ranking history: 61 (2015), 13 (2018), 12 (2019), 21 (2020), 17 (2021)

With his self-deprecating approach to regional cable journalism, Jim Hayes has developed quite the following.  It’s a little smaller than some (he’s about 50-60 votes short of our top vote getters) but it’s devoted.  The lowest he got was a 4, something that not even the legend cardinalsgifs can say.  His average score would rank him–well, you’ll see tomorrow, but it’s high, it’s really high.  Jim’s camaraderie with the players makes for great TV, though it’s going to be very interesting to see how things go now that his nemesis Matt Holliday is bench coach.

Come on back this afternoon and we’ll look at the back half of the top 10!

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