Top Cards on Twitter 2016: 50-73

Last year in October I started the Top Cards on Twitter project as a way to see who people thought were some of the best Cardinal-related follows on the microblogging platform.  I left it completely open, asking folks to name 15-20 folks in order and then tabulating up the results.  (You can find the final post here, with links to the others.)

Even though we left it open for a month, last year we got “only” 26 ballots.  I say only not because I was unappreciative of those that took the time or that I really expected much more, but there are a lot of folks on Twitter.  My general thinking was that people are less likely to take the time to come up with and rank Twitter followers than to fill out an easy form or survey about it, so I tried something different for 2016.

This year I took those that finished in the 25 (plus myself, since I didn’t count my finish last year) and allowed for up to nine write-ins, asking folks to rank them via a survey.  Which worked in some regards–the number of valid ballots rose to 42–but perhaps not so well in others.  Not only were fewer people listed (74 this year, 147 last) but–spoiler alert–no written-in name passed any of the ones that were listed.  Which isn’t too surprising, I guess, but perhaps that was too much of an advantage to overcome.

So while I freely admit that this still needs some bugs worked out for next year, let’s go ahead and see the results.  To keep from overwhelming, I’ll break it up into various posts like I did last year.  I’ll also indicate where people finished last year for comparison’s sake. If a tie could be broken, the person with the highest points per ballot got the edge.

Place Handle Points Firsts 2015
73 saraholmesSTL 7 0 N/A
72 turpin4prez 8 0 N/A
71 markasaxon 9 0 N/A
69 boxcar_fritz 11 0 36
69 grobot05 11 0 56
67 AshleyMClark92 12 0 N/A
67 xxNewbBoyxx 12 0 119
65 kyler416 13 0 N/A
65 roseyisking 13 0 28
64 mademdashes 14 0 N/A
62 AdamMFelder 15 0 N/A
62 Buddha6883 15 0 N/A
61 JPatrickRemiger 16 0 N/A

There are some real quality accounts that are down here in our first group, which is pretty much an indication that I’ve got to find a different way to do this.  Mark Saxon, for instance, covers the Cards for ESPN.  Dan Moore has been writing quality stuff about as long as I can remember.  I’ve been glad to start following Adam Felder and reading his stuff.  Just because folks don’t have a high point total doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be giving them a follow.

Place Handle Points Firsts 2015
58 2xAught7 18 0 44
58 ArtLippo 18 0 76
58 Eric_Schmitt 18 0 114
54 clutchmarp 19 0 N/A
54 deborah91473 19 0 N/A
54 DizzyDean_17 19 0 N/A
54 FakeMikeMatheny 19 0 N/A
50 Ben_Fred 20 0 110
50 CardinalHistory 20 0 33
50 scottfaughan 20 0 N/A
50 Total_CardsMove 20 0 82

Obviously this is different than the Twitter bracket tournament that CardinalsFarm ran in March (hat tip here to Art Lippo, who faced off with me in one of those rounds), because TCM dominated that with his large number of followers, yet was only named on one ballot here.  I’m not saying that we want to go the Twitter voting route, because that drives people crazy and takes a while, but it is surprising to see folks like this (and Ben Fredrickson, who’s at the P-D and Sean C, who is always an interesting follow) ranked this low.  I’ll continue to think about it, but if you have any suggestions, put them in the comments.

We’ll tackle the next 25 soon!

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