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We’ve reached the end of the folks voted on by those that filled out the Twitter survey back in October.  As you’ve seen, there are a lot of quality accounts that people think you should be following.  (And if you aren’t on Twitter, you ought to at least consider joining up to read these time lines regularly.)  Now, to the highest ranked five accounts!

Number 5: CardinalTales
Former St. Louis resident and long time fan of the Cardinals and Blues, amateur radio operator and music collector.

On Twitter since: May 2008
Number of Tweets: 113K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 1,250
Following: 1,584
Followers: 2,744

Number of ballots: 10
First place votes: 3
Total points: 216

Our friend Bob, whom you might also read occasionally at On the Outside Corner, has definitely found his Twitter niche, as noted with the second-most first place votes in the survey.  He’ll Tweet about the Blues, about grilling, and about his dogs, but he really shines with his historical knowledge of the Cardinals.  If you’ve not read one of his Twitter Tales before a game, you are missing out.  They may take 10-15 Tweets, but they are definitely worth it.  Bob’s also often commenting on the minor league system (he’s been accused of watching those games instead of the big league club at times!) and no doubt stays on the positive side when it comes to the Redbirds of any level.  If you can keep up with the regular name changes and avatar swaps, you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Number 4: StlCardsCards

On Twitter since: Not listed
Number of Tweets: 18.2K
Approximate average Tweets/month: N/A
Following: 63
Followers: 1,269

Number of ballots: 9
First place votes: 5
Total points: 216

If we go strictly by first place votes, this is the most popular Twitter account out there in Cardinal Nation.  What that says for Cardinal Nation I’ll leave up to you.  There’s no doubt that CardsCards (who does a fine job of keeping his anonymity) is a different breed than many Cardinal tweeters.  Sardonic, belittling (usually jokingly….I think), and blunt, CardsCards doesn’t suffer fools gladly but can create some memorable exchanges.  While the tweet above isn’t Cardinal related (and made me wish I’d not said I’d take pinned tweets if they were available), you can tell that writing is one of his strengths as well.  I’ve enjoyed the back-and-forths that he, Wes Keene, and I tend to have.  It’s verbal jousting, like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader lightsaber dueling in the Death Star, and likely with the same results.

Number 3: BirdsOnTheBat13
Bringing you all the news, stats, and articles that you need to know for the 11-time World Series Champion St. Louis .

On Twitter since: April 2012
Number of Tweets: 51.9K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 1,200
Following: 5,122
Followers: 34,400

Number of ballots: 12
First place votes: 2
Total points: 252

If you want to know something Cardinal-related, there’s a darn good chance this feed is going to have it.  Cardinal history?  Check.  Lineups?  Check.  Links to Cardinal news stories?  Yep.  Retweets from other media accounts?  You got it.  It’s an unabashedly homer look at the Redbirds, but as a Cardinal fan, you should be accepting of that, I’d think.  It’s all Cardinals, all the time.  The way it should be.

Number 2: LangoschMLB
Christian. Cardinals reporter for . Tennis player. Mizzou alum. International explorer. Atlanta native. Proud aunt. Appreciative daughter.

On Twitter since: July 2009
Number of Tweets: 43.9K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 550
Following: 370
Followers: 43,900

Number of ballots: 14
First place votes: 2
Total points: 255

The top two spots on this list are held by the two major beat writers of the Cardinals.  Jenifer covers the Cards for and, as such, has plenty of news before anyone else does.  You’ll find anything she writes on her timeline as well as some articles by her brethren.  Jenifer’s not necessarily much on interaction with her followers–a quick skim finds about five replies since the beginning of October–but there’s a good chance you are following for her Joe Friday “Just the facts, ma’am” approach anyway.  If you are going to keep up with the Cardinals, this is really one of the accounts you have to follow.

Number 1: dgoold
Lead Cardinals beat writer for St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Proud father. Bookworm. Lapsed cartoonist. World Record-holding INF. Friendly neighborhood word slinger.

On Twitter since: September 2008
Number of Tweets: 85.6K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 1,000
Following: 1,230
Followers: 71,000

Number of ballots: 16
First place votes: 2
Total points: 310

And here’s the other one.  In case you are completely unaware (and I can’t imagine how you are), Derrick’s the current Cardinal beat writer for the Post-Dispatch and as such is reporting news all the time, much like Jenifer Langosch.  Derrick’s much more interactive with his followers, though at times it seems like the former occupant of the beat writer position may have left traces of his snark in that seat.  You’ll find links to his work (and others at the P-D), you’ll find reporting from the ballpark, you’ll get links to the podcast, and there’s the occasional comic book or other reference tossed in as well.  Named on the most ballots (with the following caveat), it’s not surprising at all to find him at the top of the heap.  It’d be stunning if you are a Twitterer reading this and you weren’t following Derrick!

So there’s our list.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them……

…..oh, the caveat.

It’s possible, however unlikely, that you are saying, “Hey, C70, I voted for you in this survey but I’ve not seen your name listed at all in the now seven posts that you’ve drug this out over.”

There’s a reason for that.  Many of you were generous enough to not only rank me among your top 15 but to also rank me fairly highly.  In fact, I was named on 17 ballots and my overall total was 318, which would have actually put me at the top of the list.  However, in my mind that was more of a function of the fact most everyone that voted did so because of links or comments from my account (though not all–I appreciate those that retweeted, linked on their site, or wrote their own post with their lists) and so it was more of a quantity thing.  I received no first place votes, so it would seem weird for the top guy to not be at the top of anyone’s list, right?  So I took myself out of the rankings, but I really do appreciate everyone that voted for me.  Makes me think I’m doing something right!

I appreciate everyone that helped out with this.  I’m hoping to make this an annual thing, though more streamlined now that we’ve gotten one year under our belts.  If you missed any, be sure to check the links below.  Again, thank you!

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