Top Cards on Twitter: 2016 Edition

Last October, I asked for your opinions about who were the best Cardinal Twitter accounts to follow.  It was an open-ended question, allowing you to write in any 15-20 accounts and then I compiled them into a series ranking them by the votes that they received.  It was a fun and enjoyable project and it gave me something to do in the offseason with the blog, which I’m always for.

This year, I want to do the same thing but I want to make it a little more streamlined.  Using SurveyMonkey, I’ve set up a form where you can rank those that came in the Top 25 last year as well as 10 open slots for you to be able to write in folks that didn’t make the list, either because they were ranked lower last year or because they are new to Twitter in the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, you can’t just fill in the blank in the ranking portion, so I’ve created a spot for you to put in a name in the second question.  So if you believe TwitterJoe1 should be fifth overall, rank “Other 1” fifth and then put “TwitterJoe1” in the Other 1 slot on the second question.  That’s the best and easiest way to do it, I believe.

I think you have to rank everyone there, so we’ll only count the top 20 on each ballot. That way you can drop someone you don’t care for somewhere 21 or lower and it will be like not voting for them.

Voting will stay up a month, just like last year.  You can participate in the embedded survey below or directly on the SurveyMonkey site by following this link.  Any questions can be posed on this post or to me on Twitter. I look forward to seeing how things have changed!

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