Yadier Molina’s Side Job

Some of you may be aware that Yadier Molina does more than catch baseballs.  (Well, OK, fine, he’s not doing THAT right now, but in general.  Stop being pedantic and listen.)  He also has a record label and now we’re seeing possibly the first music video to come out of that endeavor.  Check it out below.  (Hat tip to our friend @thefilmj3rk.)

Fun to see all the baseball in there.  And obviously, you have to get your friends in there if you are shooting a video, right?  Tony Cruz, Jon Jay and…..Daniel Descalso?  Because nothing says Latin excitement like Dirty Dan.

Anyway, I have no idea what they are saying or what is going on there (save a lot of honoring of Molina’s dad, which is very cool), but it looks like fun!

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