Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I was trying to quickly come up with a catchy title to this post that didn’t come off too cheese ball but was still a little catchier than just Intro Post. I just happen to be listening to Jay-Z and there was my inspiration. Or I poached a lyric, whatever. Anyway, my name is Dustin McClure and I’ve been asked to be a weekly contributor here at the Cards Conclave which is awesome. Baseball, Cardinals, family and friends in that order. Kidding. Although my wife would be the first to say I schedule all summer activities around the Cardinals schedule. I live in the St. Louis metro and try to find my way to Busch as much as possible.

As of now my posts are scheduled to appear on the site every Tuesday. My personal blog is Welcome To Baseball Heaven where I occasionally post my thoughts on the happenings with the Cardinals which is what I plan on bringing here. My posts are basically the kindergarten of blogging. I take current topics and blab my opinion.  The whole reason I blog is to spark conversation. You may agree with me or strongly disagree and that’s fine. Leave a comment, tweet me, whatever you like, I’m always game for constructive conversation.

So that’s pretty much it. Looking forward to writing for the site along with reading my fellow bloggers. See you on Tuesdays!

Twitter: @DJ_McClure

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