2011 Revisited: Leaping for Lynn

In this chapter of our look back, we realize just why I’m so glad I’m on WordPress now.

Leaping for Lynn

I wrote out a nice, solid post, full of links and thoughts.  Then I go to post it and Movable Type picks that moment to tell me that an upgrade is needed.  And, of course, once the upgrade is done, the post isn’t saved.  So here’s the short version.

Lance Lynn was good yesterday with strong 3 innings, one bloop hit, 3K.  Dave Duncan was impressed.  He was hitting low nineties, but with movement.  Good stuff.

Leaping for Lynn not mine, but Bill Ivie’s contribution from last night’s UCB Radio Hour, as a play on last year’s successful Honkin’ for Jaime done by the guys at Pitchers Hit Eighth.  I think Lynn should get that last slot and I’m very impressed with the way he came out and took command yesterday knowing there is little room for error if he wants to catch Kyle McClellan for the last slot in the rotation.  If he can replicate what Jaime Garcia did last year, he’ll be in great shape.

Jake Westbrook threw 50 pitches for 2 innings and Albert Pujols struck out 3 times.  Don’t see either of those things very much.  Westbrook got a lot of foul balls yesterday, which isn’t a problem.  He’s got to have command to be successful, so as long as he wasn’t walking a lot of guys, doesn’t seem to be a concern.

David Freese will go on Monday, maybe Sunday.  He’s got to “play hard, but play controlled.”  I was worried when I heard he was being pushed back but he went through baserunning drills yesterday with no reported problems, so perhaps he really is going to be OK.

Chris Carpenter and Mitchell Boggs both felt better yesterday and Carp played catch today and reported no problems.  He still may miss a start, but it shouldn’t be an issue getting into the season.  Boggs says he’ll be pitching this time next week.  Sounds good to me!

Split squad today.  Nationals visit Jupiter in a game on KMOX and that will feature Pujols, Colby Rasmus, Yadier Molina and the starting middle infielders.  Rest of the team heads to Mets camp to play in a game that will be tape-delayed telecast by MLB Network.  Double your fun today!

Again, apologize for the short and offhand manner of this post.  I swear that the first one was much better.  Curse you, Movable Type!

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