Cardinals ‘For Really Entertaining Digital Award’ Announced

 Award Recognizes Fans for Outstanding Achievement in Creatively & Digitally Promoting the Cardinals 

ST. LOUIS, March 3, 2016 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that they have created the Cardinals’ ‘For Really Entertaining Digital Award’, nicknamed the FRED award (#CardsFREDaward), to recognize fans for extraordinary achievement in the developing art-form of online video, mobile based entertainment and social media posts that celebrate and promote the St. Louis Cardinals. 

“The FRED award is our way of tipping our caps to acknowledge fans who take the time to create an extraordinary video or social post that creatively promotes our team, inspires, engages or otherwise entertains fans within our vast Cardinals online community,” said Ron Watermon, Vice President of Communications. “We seek to celebrate the extraordinary way fans are using digital technology to share their passion for the St. Louis Cardinals.”

The team has formed the St. Louis Cardinals Academy of Mobile Picture Arts & Social Media Sciences, an elite ad hoc group of dedicated Cardinals front office staff committed to consuming large quantities of digital content produced by avid fans, players and others, in order to identify the most entertaining and engaging content worthy of recognition.

The team plans to bestow the Cardinals’ ‘For Really Entertaining Digital Award’ (#CardsFREDaward) each week on the team’s weekly news magazine television show Cardinals Insider, online on the team’s website ( and through the team’s various social media platforms.  Winners will be awarded the statuette, officially nicknamed the FRED Award in honor of the Cardinals beloved mascot Fredbird who has been known to play around with digital media (ex. #NestFlix).  Fans are encouraged to nominate themselves or others to help the team identify extraordinary achievement in creatively promoting and celebrating the team by going  Fans can also check out all of the winners at and by watching Cardinals Insider on television or online.

To get the award process underway, the team announced the following list of Cardinals FRED Award Winners (#CardsFREDaward):

Isaiah Barnfield – Outstanding Achievement in Video Storytelling & Great Acting By a Super Cute Kid

Andy Cohen – Best Cameo by a celebrity & best-selling author in an Instagram Series — #TheFrontOffice

John Ferrier– Best Mike Shannon Impression by An Australian Cardinals Fan

Matt Gifford & Louie – Best Cameo by a baseball executive and a mascot – – #TheFrontOffice

Steve Harris – Creative Use of Vine to Promote the Cardinals

Christopher Loyd – Best Cameo by a Dodger Fan in a Cardinals Instagram Series – #BirdToTheFuture

The Nelson Family – Outstanding Achievement in Family Musical Entertainment

Alex Paul – Outstanding Achievement in Video – – Who Will Be Next

John Rooney – Best Actor in an Instagram Series – – #BirdToTheFuture

Ben Schmidt – Outstanding Achievement in the use of Special Effects in a #CardsFanFlix Promotion

Honorable Francis G. Slay – Creative Use of Vine to Promote the Best Catcher in the Game

Ozzie Smith – Best Performance by a Hall of Famer Wearing an Awesome Costume in an Instagram Series – – #BirdToTheFuture

Phyllis Smith –Best Actress in an Instagram Series — #TheFrontOffice

Robbie Sondag  (2015 Ultimate Fan)– Outstanding Achievement with an Original Song and Music Video

Switch – Outstanding Achievement Celebrating the Greatest Cardinal with a Flat Stan the Man –6 in the City

Randy Quinn – Outstanding Achievement in creating a catchy Cardinals Song that won’t get out of our heads – Go Red Bird

Adam Wainwright – Best British Accent by Player in an Instagram Series — #BirdToTheFuture

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