Transparency And Limbo…

The problem with being a fan, even a well read one, is all you have access to is rumors. A reporter/blogger/analyst will tell you who’s likely to sign someone, but until it actually happens, it’s all happenstance.

What I want is something I’ll never get. Indeed, it’s something even the most connected reporter never gets: transparency, one way or another. This is true in every industry, not just sports, and it’s especially true in politics. When’s the last time you actually heard a politician tell you everything you wanted to know about a situation?

Anyways, back to baseball.

Take for example, Jason Heyward. I really want to re-sign him. The longer this goes on, however, I’m finding that what I really want is answer. If we’re signing him, do it. If we’re moving on, let us know. Limbo sucks.

I realize it isn’t that simple. GM’s like to play to things close to the vest, and understandably so. If they let it be known they’re are pursuing someone, other teams may step up and sign him with a better offer. That being said, the longer this goes on, the more it’ll hurt when our target signs elsewhere.

Plus, there’s the matter of plan b. For us, in the Heyward situation, we have a plan b. His name is Stephen Piscotty.

Not every team has a plan b that good though, so when they don’t get that prime free agent they’re targeting, they have to find alternatives, and the longer free agency lasts, the harder it is to do so. Some teams wisely don’t wait, and others, like the Dodgers, have enough money to throw around that waiting isn’t a big deal.

For the teams that fit neither category though, that scramble often results in the acquisition of an inferior player at the last minute.

Plus there’s also direction. Making one signing often triggers a domino effect which leads to other acquisitions. The sooner that occurs the better, as the quality of such acquisitions often decreases as time goes by.

So come on Mo, step up, make a big offer on Heyward or move on and sign somebody else that’s good, like a starting pitcher. Get us out of limbo. Let the dominoes start falling.

As always, thanks for reading.


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