Top Cards on Twitter: 16-20

The fourth post in our Top Cards on Twitter series focuses on the late teens in our list.  These five will bring us just right up to the 100 point plateau and include some well-known names.  Let’s get right to it!

Number 20: deckacards
Cardinals fan, freelance Sports Writer (), Cardinals Blogger ().

On Twitter since: February 2009
Number of Tweets: 32K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 400
Following: 1,262
Followers: 1,090

Number of ballots: 4
First place votes: 1
Total points: 80

A big part of the UCB, Kevin started at his own blog before covering the Cardinals for this season.  Following him means you’ll easily find the links to his work as well as some good commentary about the birds.  His timeline is mainly about the Redbirds, though you’ll find some other baseball and occasional other Missouri sports in there as well.  It’s also strongly probable that he will use this as a talking point against his UCB co-host Jon Doble.

Number 19: JohnMoGM
No, I’m not the real one. #STLCards

On Twitter since: Unknown
Number of Tweets: 11.9K
Approximate average Tweets/month: N/A
Following: 620
Followers: 1,601

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 82

This is actually an account I wasn’t following until prepping these posts, but it looks like one I’m going to enjoy.  I typically don’t go in for those parody accounts (I know you are stunned, but this isn’t actually the Cardinals’ GM) but it looks like “John” has gone past the parody and is now more discussion and thoughts about the Cardinals from a regular point of view.  If he adds blogging into the mix, so much the better!

Number 18: tarawellman
Sports journalist. TV host & producer. Baseball lover. Cupcake connoisseur. 1 John 4:4

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 39.2K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 675
Following: 1,030
Followers: 1,146

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 83

There are times when some of us wonder if there’s something Tara can’t do.  She can write, she can podcast, she can vlog, and she’s a top notch Tweeter all while keeping a day job.  (That’s just scratching the surface–I mean, she sang the national anthem at a minor league game, for cryin’ out loud.)  You’ll find plenty of great stuff on her site, plus often Instagram links of pictures that possibly have her dog Louie in them.  Talk about an added bonus!

Number 17: MattSebek
Co-founder of and, Purveyor of and one of the world’s nerdiest metrosexuals.

On Twitter since: July 2008
Number of Tweets: 38.6K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 400
Following: 1,004
Followers: 18,500

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 89

Possibly one of the most followed folks on this list outside of the journalists and other outlets, it’s a little surprising to see Matt this low.  If you follow him, you know he’ll crack wise about anything related to St. Louis sports or the city in general, often calling out the mayor in various ways.  You pretty much know that if something goes bad for the Cardinals, you’ll see Matt Tweet out a picture of Fredbird about to jump off a bridge.  Matt’s created some great apps like Rookies (seen above) and Cast, though the humor site that was Joe Sports Fan is pretty much just a site to buy shirts these days.

Number 16: craigjedwards
Writer for @fangraphs. Editor for @vivaelbirdos.

On Twitter since: February 2011
Number of Tweets: 10.3K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 180
Following: 453
Followers: 2,342

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 2
Total points: 96

The new site runner for Viva El Birdos (and a recent guest on Conversations With C70), Craig received more first place votes than all but two other folks.  As you’d probably expect given his work at Fangraphs, Craig’s Twitter feed isn’t limited to St. Louis but takes a sabermetric approach to baseball in general.  There’s no doubt you’ll learn something if you follow Craig for long.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a shot at the Top 15.  If you’ve missed anything, here are links to the first parts of the series.

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