Top Cards on Twitter: 21-25

We’ve spent a couple of posts looking at the number of great accounts that were listed in ballots but didn’t quite get enough points to make the final cut.  (Again, check Part I and Part II out if you haven’t.)  Now, we’ll take a gander at those that respondents most often listed.  To illustrate, I’ve either selected their pinned Tweet or a recent Tweet that was well-received (in likes or retweets).  (I wanted to put their profiles here, but apparently that’s not an easy thing to do!)

Number 25: jstriebel22
I wear skinny jeans but still like sports. Art Director. Opinions are my own.

On Twitter since: June 2009
Number of Tweets: 78.5K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 1000
Following: 2,020
Followers: 1,231

Number of ballots: 4
First place votes: 0
Total points: 65

Justin’s a St. Louis guy through and through and you’ll find him weighing in on the issues of the day for all the various local teams.  He’s got some well thought out opinions and can get into some pretty long discussions, especially for the Twitter medium.  A solid follow, though just don’t get him talking about logos.  There’s a reason the man’s an art director.

Number 24: VanHicklestein
I tweet too much.

On Twitter since: August 2011
Number of Tweets: 33.5K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 650
Following: 597
Followers: 367

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 67

A regular Viva El Birdos commenter, VHS is a regular Tweeter.  He’s not limited to the local nine, expressing opinions on other St. Louis or Missouri sports as well as baseball in general, but his Cardinal takes are always interesting.  Good grasp of statistics but isn’t overwhelming with them.

Number 23: CardinalsFarm
Cardinals minor league enthusiast. Husband, father, teacher. You can follow my personal account @AtlNagel27.

On Twitter since: April 2012
Number of Tweets: 16.9K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 400
Following: 432
Followers: 8,625

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 69

Most of you know that, unfortunately, the blog CardinalsFarm shuttered in the past year.  However, John Nagel has kept this account for his Cardinal musings, whether it’s about those coming up or the big league squad.  If you want to know about the minors, this is still a good account to follow and John’s pretty good about interacting and answering questions.

Number 22: CardinalRants (locked)
Don’t get TRUTH confused with hate, I HATE that.

Account here

On Twitter since: Not listed
Number of Tweets: 2,857
Approximate average Tweets/month: N/A
Following: 475
Followers: 395

Number of ballots: 5
First place votes: 0
Total points: 74

CR is a bit of an interesting case, as he’s had a number of different handles over the years and at least three of them (this one, CrashDavis16, and StlBondsEye) got votes.  When I could, I combined them all to this account, though if someone listed more than one in a ballot, the non-CR one was tossed.  I’ve known CardinalRants for a long time via Cardinal message boards and there’s a reason he chose that screen name (eventually).  He’s a heart-on-his-sleeve fan that says what he’s thinking at the moment.  Not necessarily long on patience at times!  He also mixes politics and other sports into his feed.

Number 21: KeeneMLB
I talk about the St. Louis Cardinals…a lot. Staffer at Cards Conclave. During games there will be a barrage of tweets. You’ve been warned. Tweets by

On Twitter since: July 2012
Number of Tweets: 44K
Approximate average Tweets/month: 1100
Following: 409
Followers: 1,348

Number of ballots: 4
First place votes: 1
Total points: 75

If you saw my Cardinal Blogger Awards post, you know I picked Wes for my best UCB Twitterer.  (I did not vote in this survey so I’m not the first place vote there.)  Wes has a Keene (yes, I went there) sense of humor and a self-deprecating streak as wide as my own.  Wes will banter back and forth with the best of them and often has some smart things to say about the Cardinals as well.  Still wish he’d fire the blog back up, but this will have to do.

Five down, 20 more to go!  We’ll be back with 16 through 20 shortly!

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