Input Needed: Tell Me Your Top #stlcards-Focused Twitter Follows

It seems like every year, around this time, there are these “who to follow on Twitter” lists for each team making the playoffs.  Most of the time, these lists are fairly good and have some important folks to follow on them.  (Last year’s postseason list had a strange outlier on it, though.)  However, these lists are 1) somewhat compiled by the national folks, though fans do have input and 2) aren’t ranked in any form or fashion.  Of course, ranking Twitter accounts is subjective and impossibly hard, but that’s never stopped folks on the internet before, right?

We’re starting the postseason now, which means more down time.  There’s four days until the NLDS starts and, even if that goes the distance, there’s two off days in that mix.  Same for the NLCS and World Series.  And that’s assuming the Cardinals make it through the gauntlet to the Series again, something that there is no guarantee.  There’s plenty of stress and anxiety, second-guessing and worry, so let me give you something that will help fill any downtime and take your mind off of whatever struggles St. Louis throws at you this month.

I’m asking for you to rank the most vital Twitter accounts that you follow dealing with the Cardinals.  How you determine whether it’s Cardinals-centric is, I guess, up to you, but I’d suggest a large portion of the Twitter activity deals with the Redbirds.  Accounts like @dgoold, @LangoschMLB, @Cardinals, @FSMidwest would seem to be no-doubters.  Accounts like @MLB or @SN_Baseball probably wouldn’t be since they have a broader focus, even if they touch on the Cardinals sometimes.  Accounts that cover all of St. Louis sports, like @KMOXSports, might be more of a judgement call.

I’m embedding a form here in this post, but you can also get to it via this link if you want to share it but not subject anyone to my ramblings.  15 accounts are required to be ranked, but I have allowed five extra spots if you want to go a little deeper.  You can do 15, you can do 20, you can do any number in between.  My plan is to give 25 points to your top ranked account, 24 to the second, and down the line until (if you do 20) the last one gets 6.  I’ll sum them all up and come out with a Top 25 Twitter Accounts series of posts in early November.  (Yes, this is also about me trying to create content for the offseason.  I’m not too proud to admit that.)

I’ve also provided a spot for comments after each account.  It’s not mandatory by any means, but if you want to tell me what you like/don’t like about that account, why you have it high or low, or anything related to it, feel free to share.  I will probably use those comments in my posts later on, perhaps even as a direct quote.  So do realize that if you put it down there, it may show up with your Twitter handle on the site later on.  I say that not to discourage you from commenting (there really shouldn’t be too many negatives in 20 accounts as there are many more great ones than that out there) but just to let you know it may not be anonymous.  Fair warming.

I’ll leave these open until November 1 and I encourage you to share this with your Cardinal fan friends and family that are on Twitter.  The more input, the more likely these will be at least reasonable rankings will be created out of all this.  I think it could be a fun thing and there’s no reason to use it as a snub/slight/teardown of anyone else on Twitter.  Have fun!

Oh, and it’s @C70.  You know, just in case you needed it.

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