’14 FLC Regional Semifinals: Diamond Region

The last of our regional semifinals is below, the only one with the top four seeds still live.  Remember that all of these polls are open until noon tomorrow, so be sure to get your vote in and make it count!

1) Bruce Sutter vs. 4) Adam Wainwright

How they got here: Sutter struck out Phil Gagliano 24-1 and So Taguchi 12-6; Wainwright knocked out Julian Javier 22-3 and Matt Holliday 16-2.

Notes: Wainwright is the only four seed to make it this far, the others all losing to their respective five seeds.  Both of these guys have struck out the last out of the World Series, which is pretty cool.

2) Red Schoendienst vs. 3) Matt Morris

How they got here: Schoendienst put the wood to Todd Worrell 41-1 and Jason Isringhausen 26-1; Morris took care of Todd Zeile 39-4 and Brian Jordan 19-8.

Notes: While Matty Mo is always going to be a favorite homegrown Cardinal, he’s going up against a legend here that is going to be very difficult to unseat.

That’ll do it for this round.  We’ll see the winners again on Wednesday!


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