’14 FLC Regional Semifinals: Ballpark Village Region

In a division that was just pitchers and catchers, the folks wearing the tools of ignorance seem to be the most popular.  Three of the four surviving made their mark behind the plate, but they still face long odds to be the one heading to the Final Four.

1) Bob Gibson vs. 5) Yadier Molina

How they got here: Gibson blasted Al Hrabosky 24-2 and Joaquin Andujar 23-0; Molina wiped out Kyle McClellan 26-0 and Chris Carpenter 14-8.

Notes: While this is an awesome matchup, you know that if someone had a time machine, they’d be putting Gibson on a Molina team to watch them work together!

2) Ted Simmons vs. 3) Joe Torre

How they got here: Torre smacked down Danny Cox 28-3 and Tim McCarver 16-9; Simmons took care of Mark Mulder 27-3 and Mike Matheny 15-10.

Notes: A couple of old school catchers going at it.  Torre’s going into the Hall (though as a manager) and Simmons probably should be there.  But who gets the love?

At noon, it’s time for the Champions Region!


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