’14 FLC Regional Semifinals: Champions Region

We’re halfway through the Sweet 16.  Now it’s time for the least-chalk region of them all, though that’s not exactly saying just a ton.

1) Lou Brock vs. 5) Mike Shannon

How they got here: Brock ran by Dal Maxvill 28-1 and Steve Kline 20-1; Shannon sneaked past J.D. Drew 20-10 and Steve Carlton 16-5.

Notes: A couple of Cardinal legends, though for vastly different reasons.  Shannon’s got an advantage in his broadcasting reach but is that enough to take down the Man of Steal?

2) Jim Edmonds vs. 6) Scott Rolen

How they got here: Edmonds showboated past Aaron Miles 20-1 and Rick Ankiel 15-4; Rolen gritted past George Kendrick 18-4 and Keith Hernandez 14-5.

Notes: All the pieces of the MV3 are still in play, but they won’t be after this matchup. This really seems like an intriguing pairing and I’m looking forward to see how it comes out.

Our final semi starts at 2!


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