’14 FLC Tournament: Diamond Region Round 2, Day 2

We’ve reached the end of Round 2.  Remember that these polls will be open until tomorrow at noon and then we’ll pair them all up and start the Sweet 16 Monday morning.  Now, let’s look at these last two matchups in the Diamond Region.

1) Bruce Sutter vs. 8) So Taguchi

How they got here: Sutter took out Phil Gagliano 24-1, Taguchi beat up on John Mabry 16-9.

Notes: Can the man from Japan take out the man who closed out the ’82 Series?  How far does popularity go, anyway?

4) Adam Wainwright vs. 5) Matt Holliday

How they got here: Wainwright froze Julian Javier 22-3, Holliday slammed Chris Duncan 23-2.

Notes: Both of these guys should play a big part in the 2014 season.  So do you like pitching or hitting?

Thanks to everyone for voting so far.  Keep it up!


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