Pitchers Hit Eighth

If you haven’t read Jack Dickey’s article in Sports Illustrated about Tommy Pham, then I highly recommend you click here and check it out.  To some, Pham probably comes across as refreshingly honest, bold, and confident in himself.  To others, he probably comes across as arrogant, foul-mouthed, and brazen.  Two reasonably good debate teams could [...]

It’s apropos that Citi Field is located in Flushing, because Carlos Martinez just dropped a deuce there on Opening Day.  His underwhelming performance combined with the team’s “swinging-at-air” offensive approach made game 1 of the 2018 season feel more like game 163 of the 2017 season.  Same dookie, different season. While you may be tempted [...]

As I stood out just behind the right field bleachers at Busch Stadium talking to my friend Andy a few years ago, I asked him his thoughts on the Jason Heyward deal.  Andy’s quick-witted remark?  “Welcome to Baseball Purgatory, Mr. Heyward.  You’ll do fine here, but we all know you are looking at much bigger [...]

Cards Acquire Ozuna

Various reports have confirmed St. Louis finally landed the weapon it needed. Marcell Ozuna will be wearing the Birds on the Bat but appears multiple pieces going back to the Marlins in the move.

As the clock gets closer to welcoming Wednesday on the East Coast, very little movement surrounding St. Louis can lead to only two conclusions at the Winter Meetings. It would be unwise to count out the top brass for the Cardinals but at the same time, the trade market can be unforgiving once the dust [...]

Woke up from my writing hibernation to see well…not much has changed for the Birds on the Bat. It is early, however, so the time for panic can’t even be discussed until all the pieces are off the board. The Cardinals have sent the big guns down to Orlando in what quite possibly could be [...]

For a few weeks now, the goal has been trying to decide when to start the postseason previews for Memphis, Springfield, and the rest of the squads gearing up for September. At the same time, however, the Cardinals have been doing their best to keep the drama and suspense alive and well just about every [...]

Today’s offering has been percolating for quite awhile now, as it is time to come clean on a few matters. The lack of moves at the trade deadline caused things to take a sinister tone via social media. It was time to unplug from Twitter as well as breaking my sleep schedule in hopes of [...]

So this is going to be a great baseball day, right? The Cardinals can’t win or lose on the field, but 24 hours from now what makes the headlines in St. Louis? A better question may just end up being was it enough depending on how you look at the National League this silly summer. [...]

I’m absolutely fascinated by the physics of baseball.  Talk about spin rate, multi-axis movement, and moment-of-inertia, and I’m here for it.  I’m equally fascinated by how easily the physics of baseball can become distorted or misrepresented by people who don’t actually understand much about them.   The Statcast era provides ample data for both intelligent [...]

The days of having to check to make sure I got the Gonzales part right with Marco are officially over. In what can only be described as an interesting first deal this month, the Cardinals acquired the one thing they seemingly didn’t need. Tyler O’Neill represents yet another top-100 type prospect who provides power for [...]

When the Cardinals aren’t clearly the best team in baseball, the BFiB quickly regress into a petulant child resolutely demanding the return of a favorite toy they’ve accidentally tossed through a second story window.  Much like that child can only focus on the assured destruction of that toy due to the incomprehensibility of object constancy, [...]

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