Like I continue to say, I feel more confidence when Matt Carpenter comes to the plate than I do when anyone else on the 2013 Cardinals comes to the plate.  I think most of us feel that way.  He works the count and grinds out AB’s like few others.  Many players fear the 1-2 or [...]

Some of you think it’s important to go all in when you have a team a piece or two away.  Others think that holding on to the prospects the Cards have in the system are worth keeping for the potential in years ahead.  Some of you see the bigger picture and I’m with you on [...]

There are a lot of rumors floating around about who the St. Louis Cardinals might be interested in to be a solid #2 starter behind Adam Wainwright.  Cardinal scouts have been watching Jake Peavy, Ervin Santana, James Shields, Bud Norris and a few others.  Norris is having a fine year for the Astros in the [...]

Things didn’t go the way Chris Carpenter wanted them to tonight in Memphis.  In 3 1/3 IP, Carpenter gave up 9 hits, 4 earned runs and 2 walks against the Oklahoma City RedHawks.  Carpenter, not pleased with his performance, stated after the game that he won’t make the comeback to St. Louis if he isn’t going [...]

Some will point to his BABIP of .353 and say he’s going to regress.  I say Matt Carpenter is just getting started.  I’m sure Keith Law doesn’t say the same thing about Dustin Pedroia, or worry about his BABIP.  Here’s a link to Law on Carpenter.   Obviously, when people like Law talk about Carpenter you can tell [...]

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend on whether or not the Pirates could keep up their pace and if they would be there at the end of the 2013 season.  Even though a lot of the numbers say they won’t and that things will catch up with them, my answer was [...]

A lot is being said about the Cardinals defense in that they make the routine plays and make up for a lack of range by good positioning on defense.  That’s fine, but it’s selling Pete Kozma a bit short.  When talking about the Cardinals on defense, the general consensus is that only Yadier Molina is [...]

The UCB project for this month is to talk about the things you’d like to see in the soon to be Cardinals HOF and museum.  This is an easy one and one that will have many different opinions from which to choose from.  Any combination that starts with Stan Musial and ends with some of [...]

I’m not writing today to bash Jon Jay.  What I am saying is that I think Oscar Taveras can’t get here soon enough.  If he wasn’t slowed by a bad ankle, I think he already would be in St. Louis and playing CF right about now.  Many say that Taveras won’t stick in CF.  His [...]

Matt Carpenter and Michael Wacha

A few things happened last night that grabbed my attention.  One of them was not Michael Wacha and his departure back to Memphis, that was what I expected and was the right move for him and the Cards, but more on that later.  What grabbed my attention was Matt Carpenter actually looking a little lost [...]

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