Coronavirus Stoppage

Here we are, finishing up five weeks of true disruption of the national economy.  Here, schools closed in mid-March, with Friday the 13th being the last time my kids stepped into their building.  While the return date got pushed back a couple of times, eventually last week the order came to keep them closed for [...]


What are you doing when 7:00 PM Central rolls around? For some folks, I realize that it’s difficult to separate the days from each other, much less the hours.  If all you do is stay home, it really doesn’t matter what the clock says.  However, for others you may have a fairly regular routine going.  [...]


CODNP Day 39: Alex Reyes

It has been 1,114 days since the beginning of the 2017 Major League Baseball season.  Alex Reyes has pitched in a MLB game five times in that span. It’s been an extremely rough road for the phenom, who was ranked as the top prospect in baseball on some lists before he got his call up [...]

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I’ve already told you that we may have to get creative with some of these posts.  Which is fine, because nobody is actually reading this stuff anyway.  (Given the lack of baseball, it’s probably not surprising that both blog stats and podcast downloads are in the tank.)  Occasionally, I may have to dip into the [...]


Much like Ben Brainard keeps adding states to the roundtable, so too does MLB keep adding states to their return plan. Monday, CBS writer R.J. Anderson reported that, along with Arizona and Florida, baseball might be played in Texas as well.  There were no details about how it might work, but the teams would use [...]


42 might be the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but it’s sure not the answer to our withdrawal from baseball.  The drought continues apace. If you’ve listened at all to Gateway to Baseball Heaven or you follow my co-host Tara Wellman on any sort of social media, you know about the conflict between [...]


While obviously the coronavirus has wrecked havoc on lives, both with illness and death and the loss of employment or financial wherewithal, it’s also done a really big number on the traditions we hold dear.  Honestly, one of the reasons we all have trouble knowing what day (month?) it is is because of these markers, [...]


We’re all looking for content right now, right?  We want something that entertains and preferably something that involves our favorite team.  So the folks over at FOX Sports Midwest put together a special called “Top 25 Cardinals Regular Season Moments of the 2010s” and it ran Thursday night on FSMW.  As starved as anyone else [...]


It’s April 26.  This afternoon, the Cardinals should be taking on the Marlins at Busch Stadium, ending a three game set with Miami.  It was scheduled to be game 28 on the season.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this wouldn’t have been the annual Blogger Day. So what could we have seen in [...]


If this thing is to keep going, we’re going to need a few hooks.  One is looking at what the gap means to various players, which we’ve done with Adam Wainwright, Yadier Molina, and Alex Reyes so far.  I think what we’ll do also everyone once in a while–hopefully not more than once a week–is [...]


Throughout this whole process, it feels like we (and by that, I really mean me) have gone back and forth on whether baseball will actually be played this season.  When things first shut down, it seemed like a no-brainer that we’d see players back on the field at some point (though that original two week [...]


While there seems to be more and more talk about the 2020 season actually happening, one major milestone of the summer won’t be.  It looks like Ted Simmons‘s wait to be enshrined is going to last a little longer. Bob Nightengale (I know, I know, but I think this is pretty solid) reported yesterday that [...]


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