Go Crazy, Big Boy

Like many, I don’t have the time to devote to blogging that I once did.  I wish I could spend more time writing about my beloved game, team, and my opinions of both, but alas it just isn’t in the cards right now.  As such, my monthly blog posts here at CardsConclave will likely often [...]

Deadline dilemma

Baseball is many things, but it is very much a business, and there are times when we are harshly reminded of that fact.  Losing fan favorites like Joe Kelly or Allen Craig stings a little bit…maybe more than a little for some.  But the reality is, that’s the world we live in, and if you’re [...]

UCB Roundtable: Day 5

As you probably know by now, the roundtable is the UCB’s February project.  As such, we’ve been asking each other Cardinals-related questions, and often some good discussion follows.  Sometimes nit-picking also follows.  Here’s how it unfolded on Friday, when it was my turn to pose a question for the group. Dathan: If you’d have told [...]

Offseason journal: Day 91

Day 91: Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and various baseball-related hallucinations It’s reached the point where I’m literally substituting baseball words & story lines into the lyrics of songs I hear playing on the radio. “Only pick him off if he starts to go, only call a balk if he lifts his toe, only take a [...]

Offseason journal: Day 73

Day 73: One down, two to go. Is it just me, or do you guys feel that?  I think it’s the slightest glimmer of hope starting to stir.   I always felt like there are three major milestones between the end of one baseball season, and the beginning of another.  Three hurdles that are benchmarks, [...]

Offseason journal: Day 42

Day 42: Winter, and the death of all signs of baseball   So much activity has taken place so far this offseason!  It’s the hottest hot stove I can remember, with a sizable news story or two (or more!) seemingly breaking each day.  From big free agent signings like the Cano deal to blockbuster trades like [...]

Offseason journal: Day 34

Day 34:  More than a month in, things are moving at a brisk pace   Well, it’s been over a month now, and I’m still getting settled in to this “new normal”.  Fortunately, there’s really not been much of a shortage for baseball-related news.  There were the awards, and though often things will slow down [...]

Offseason Journal: Day 22

Day 22:  Feast or famine   The Cards called a 2pm presser today to announce a 3-year extension for manager, Mike Matheny.  GM John Mozeliak also announced the formal retirement of the man who puts the BMF in BAMF, Chris Carpenter.  There were other lesser stories as well, including announcements about Oscar Tavares being named [...]

Offseason Journal: Day 15

Day 15:  Putting the “F” in “Frost”   I woke up yesterday morning to frost.   Frost on the porch, frost on the lawn, frost on the mailbox, and the windshield.  Man, you can’t play ball in that stuff.  When I see white on the grass, it should represent fair or foul, not cold. I [...]

Offseason Journal: Day 12

Day 12: Dreamy Matheny   After the first full week without Major League Baseball games, I sort of felt a sense of accomplishment.  Partially, it felt like a negative thing (in terms of the whole “no baseball” situation), but there seemed to be a positive element as well, in an “I survived week one” kind [...]

Offseason Journal: Day 9

Day 9:  Trying not to go gently into that dark night   I do a lot of driving in my day job, and once a week I have a route that takes me to my more remote customers.  These days are usually good for roughly 8 hours of driving (doesn’t include time I’m actually working [...]

Offseason Journal: Day 8

Day 8: Snuck a peek (and expanded re-peek) at some live ball action in the AFL.   I finally saw an inning or two of AFL ball last night, along with the trialing of expanded instant replay.  My heart skipped a beat and my eyes lit up when I saw Piscotty…if for no other reason, [...]

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