This weekend, in downtown St. Louis at the Hyatt Regency hotel, the 20th annual Cardinals Winter Warmup is taking place.  The premier charity event for the organization, the Warmup has invested more than $21M in the local community, helping children and non-profit organizations, and building almost two dozen baseball fields in the area, including Missouri [...]

On a snowy January Sunday morning in St. Louis, Cardinals second baseman, Kolten Wong met with members of the media for a few moments to talk baseball.   And if we’re being honest with each other, isn’t a snowy January day a pretty darn good time to talk some baseball? One of the first questions [...]

On Saturday afternoon, the interview room at the Hyatt downtown was a busy place.  Mo’s time at the podium ran just under 50 minutes.  Understandably, there’s more to ask of & discuss with the General Manager than most individual players.   For a lot of the players that came through, it was a relatively quick [...]

For the first time in forever, I’ve dusted off the ol’ password, logged in, and have a little blogging to do about the Cards’ Winter Warmup.  I’m always so excited to participate in this event, in whatever capcaity I’m able.  The organization continues to be generous when it comes to access & participation for blogger. [...]

5 ways to improve the game

I am of the belief that Allen H. “Bud” Selig is one of, if not the undisputed greatest commissioner our beloved game has ever had.   Is that disputable and up for debate?  Sure, it is. What, pray tell, about this game, isn’t? Those who have read my musings here, and at blog sites past, [...]

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here, and I couldn’t possibly be any more excited! Not because of the game, or the halftime show, or even the commercials.  Even though, last time I checked, Katy Perry looked pretty good, and an ice cold Bud Light was rather refreshing.  I feel like I can recognize a Patriot [...]

I took a stroll around the hotel, to see the sights, and sounds of what was to going on outside the media area.   (As a result, I missed the Randal Grichuk interview.  #RookieMistake)   I spotted Tony LaRussa walking around, though, not aimlessly–he was obviously headed to some destination, escorted by a member of [...]

#CardsWarmup Winter warm-up 1.1

In my first hour, I barely had time to find the restroom before finding myself thrust into the interview room with Stephen Piscotty.  On a personal note, I mentioned him in a post last off-season, and saw him in a trip to Jupiter, for spring training last year.   I was rather impressed with a [...]

Winter Warm-up 1.0

Prior to this year’s Cardinals winter warmup, I was made aware of the opportunity to cover the event from a media/blogger standpoint.  Given the exceptionally busy schedule I’ve found myself having over the past year or so (which you might’ve noticed by the collection of dust on my blog here at the Conclave), I didn’t [...]

2014 Annual UCB Awards

Well, it’s that time of the year again–time for the annual UCB Awards.  If you aren’t familiar by now, each blogger casts his/her vote for a number of Cardinals-related categories, and the votes are counted at the end of November.  We’ve recently added a feature allowing fans/readers to vote for the awards too (which you [...]

Recently, several of us were given another opportunity to pose questions to John Mozeliak.  Some of us had multiple questions for him, others not as many.  The timing was a couple of weeks ago, just as the GM meetings in Arizona were concluding.  I had just one question for the Cardinals Senior Vice President and General [...]

UCB Roundtable 11.05.14

As you’re probably aware by now, our UCB November project is the roundtable.  It’s always good for sparking discussion, and provoking some thoughts among the group.   November 5th was my day to pose the question, and here’s how that all shook out: DATHAN –  Although, on the surface, you may think it kind of [...]

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