Mike Grabowski

Matt Adams is on pace for 14 HR over somewhere around 300 plate appearances this season. Adams is 24 years old and has hit enough in the minors to prove he no longer belongs there and has hit enough in limited time this season to prove that his playing time shouldn’t be limited. Given his [...]

Bold Moves

Josh from Pitchers Hit Eighth posted an intriguing question to the Conclave members for a round table discussion this week. Because it was such a poignant and timely question and because I’m all about killing two birds with one stone, I decided to turn it into a post. Enjoy. Question: The Fightin’ Phils have ‘no [...]

Catching, specifically pitch framing, has been a hot topic as of late. Baseball Prospectus is leading the charge, with Ben Lindbergh and Max Marchi dishing out study after study, backed with graphs, charts and industry testimonial, all heralding the importance of pitch receiving skill for catchers. Before them, Mike Fast laid the groundwork at BP [...]

Greetings. My name is Mike Grabowski, and I’d like to welcome you all to my slice of the Cards Conclave – Red Birds, Yellow Bat. My singular qualification for being here is a short-lived blog entitled St. Louis Perfectos, where I once suggested the Cardinals provide Jaime Garcia sedatives before pitching on the road. It [...]

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