Dennis Lawson

Saying that MLB has a diversity problem is like saying that James Gunn may regret some old tweets. Everybody knows, but reaching a consensus on how to move forward means facing an obstacle in front of a deadlock covered with an impasse. We shall overcome, but overcoming takes many things, and the greatest of these [...]

If you want to debate what actually constitutes a “Most Valuable Player”, then take your semantics-loving butt down the hall and to the right.  Look for the “EXIT” sign, open the door, and heave yourself through it.  I’m here to kick names, take butt, and make an overtly unremarkable case for some potential NL MVP [...]

Shildt Show

The Cardinals stumbled through the end of Mike Matheny‘s tenure like Mike Shannon making a bathroom run in extra innings.  Consequently, the 2018 season may already be a goner, but at least Mike no longer has the keys to the company vehicle.  Mike Shildt now has the enviable task of driving the bus under which [...]

Last night the Phillies somehow managed to put the Cardinals in position to win, and the Cardinals found a way to take the loss anyway.  When Mike Matheny retires as manager of the team 30 years from now having won zero World Series titles, this game summary should scroll across the bottom of the screen. [...]

Remember that time Anthony Rizzo went out of his way to initiate contact with Padres catcher Austin Hedges on a play at the plate last year?  Maybe not, but perhaps you should freshen up on that incident.  Rizzo absolutely leveled Hedges, and MLB determined that his slide had violated rule 6.01(i).  No fine.  No suspension.  [...]

When the Orioles shop Manny Machado, any destination in the AL works great.  Sending him to the NL West?  Splendid.  NL East?  Could be worse.  The NL Central?  That sounds like a positively dreadful idea.  If that somehow happens, then please don’t let it be the Cubs.  Just not the Cubs.  Anybody but the Cubs.  [...]

Closing Time

If I learned anything at all from watching “Friends With Benefits”, it’s that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were genetically engineered perfect beings presented to humanity as gifts from a higher power.  If I learned anything else, it’s that Semisonic and not Third Eye Blind released “Closing Time” – a catchy little bop with lyrics [...]

Do you know what player under the age of 24 years, 4 months has the most XBH prior to May 17th in an even numbered calendar year while playing exactly 53% of his games at an infield position? No, you don’t.  Nor should you.  That’s just a slightly exaggerated example of how ridiculously arbitrary and [...]

FIP or “fielding independent pitching” provides a type of at-a-glance reference to measure a pitcher’s effectiveness at controlling that which the pitcher can theoretically control.  I’d explain exactly what it is, but it’s easier if you just get off your lazy butt and Google it yourselves.  Or not. Just know that in a general sense, [...]

Matt Carpenter hasn’t been within shouting distance of the infamous Mendoza line since April 7th, and to say he hasn’t made a strong accurate throw from third base since the Obama administration isn’t nearly as much of an exaggeration as it should be.  He’s sporting a wRC+ of 69, and he appears dangerously close to [...]

Rather than risk burying the lede, here is one “truth” that I hope you hold to be self-evident – You don’t need a moronic blogger, loudmouth with a podcast, or a professional journalist to tell you how to fan for your favorite sports ball team.  Too many leverage their social media following into a bully [...]

If you listen to enough MLB broadcasts with the sound actually on, at some point you’ll hear a talking head with a mediocre hairpiece bemoan the lack of minority representation in the sport.  In keeping with that narrative, they are obligated to mention baseball is losing many such athletes to other sports.  If the sport [...]

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