The Legend of Yadier Molina Grows

I don’t have much to say in this post.  Honestly, the reason I’m doing the post at all is because I want to always be able to go back and watch this sequence of events from Sunday’s game against the Houston Astros, because it is amazing as well as being classic Yadier Molina.  From Jomboy, here’s Hey Siri, Who Just Got Shown Up?

It’s all too good.  Who goes and wags their finger at the best catcher of the last 15 years?  Sure, it may be spring training, but it’s not like folks are playing super loose here.  It’s not a backyard game (and even if it was, Molina’s the type to throw you out there as well for that).  Sometimes the young pups think they can run laps around the old dog.  All it takes is one stuck-out paw for them to realize they still have things to learn.

Yadi might not be at the apex of his game but that’s only because it was so high in his prime.  He still is better than a lot of catchers out there and has the ability to come up in clutch and big moments…..or even just ones that raise his dander.

Also, it was the seventh inning of a spring training game and Yadi was still catching, because of course he was.  Maybe the idea that the club is going to try to contain his playing time isn’t as viable after all.

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